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Burnings by Colonial Terrorist Soldiers in Ambazonia; Questions the UN Must Answer.



Burnings by Colonial Terrorist Soldiers in Ambazonia; Questions the UN Must Answer.

Burnings by Colonial Terrorist Soldiers in Ambazonia; Questions the UN Must Answer.

Colonial Paul Biya’s self-declared war on the Sovereign People and UN recognized State of Southern Cameroons (UN Resolution 1608) aka Ambazonia, is fully on. The atrocities and War Crimes being committed by the Colonial terrorist soldiers from La Republique du CameroUn (LRC) are clearly visible to the world.

Recently, the colonialists through their information agents came out to debunk accusations of war crimes and gross abuse of human rights from Ambazonians. They even went as far as asking for proofs that validate the claims by Southern Cameroonians.

The emergence of the video footage from Azi, Lebialem County over the weekend, where the terrorist forces were caught red handed in the act of razing the homes of innocent Ambazonians, has not only sealed the large mouths of these colonial agents but has implicated the World’s Peacekeeping and conflict prevention body, the United Nations.

Among the terrorists caught red handed on Camera in the act of razing down homes of civilians is a “UN Peace Keeper” fully in charge of the burning process. BaretaNews referred to the terrorist soldier as a UN Peace Keeper because he is seen in the video putting on the BLUE helmet which is worn by UN soldiers on Peacekeeping missions around the world.

Of course, the colonial terrorist army of LRC is not known for wearing Blue helmets, apart from those of them that serve or have served in the UN Peacekeeping missions. The Cameroons, were recently contributors of troops for the United Nations Peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic, where an Ambazonian General, Late General Tumenta was head of that mission.

Obviously, the terrorist seen in active service multiplying fire on the homes of citizens in Azi, Lebialem County in Ambazonia, is one of the UN Peacekeepers, who has certainly returned from mission and has been coopted for the destructive, genocidal and terrorizing mission in Southern Cameroons. With his mind still fresh with their rape atrocities in Central African Republic, where the UN decided to be mute, the terrorist soldier now feels free wearing a supposed peacekeeping helmet of the Almighty UN to go and carryout War Crimes and abominations that are at variance with UN mission and rules of engagement. After, the UN Secretary General has been bribed by octogenarian Paul Biya, and a golden trophy is blocking his throat from talking.

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutierrez, who recently received a golden bribe from colonialist Paul Biya to remain mute in the face of this current genocide in Ambazonia, therefore has a lot of questions to answer to Ambazonians and the World at large;

What is the mission of the UN under his administration as Secretary General? Is it to supervise genocide across the world by maintaining sealed lips, collecting suitcases and golden trophies from genocide perpetrators like Paul Biya and others? What is the need for the UN only intervening in a conflict when it must have escalated and thousands of citizens killed and properties illegally destroyed? Is the UN a conflict prevention or conflict supervision body?

Does its Peacekeeping staff, be it present or former have the leverage to participate in atrocious genocidal crimes? What happens to such terrorist forces when they decide to use UN Peacekeeping material in the perpetuation of such crimes. Is the UN considering investigations on this clear case of its staff involved in genocide and destruction in Lebialem County in Ambazonia? How does Antonio Gutierrez in particular intend to ever clear his name from the NEGATIVE BOOKS OF AMBAZONIAN revolutionary historical narratives?

The Spokesman of Gutierrez, while responding to questions on the video from Inner City Press reporter, Matthew Russell, on Monday stated: “I haven’t seen that particular video, so I can’t comment on the particular helmet, whether it was just blue or a UN helmet. We have seen, in different parts of the world, various security forces and army… we’ve seen reports of them using equipment that they own, which had been painted white or blue and reused domestically. It is a responsibility to ensure that no equipment that has UN markings is ever used in any domestic operation. But, again, I’m not… that’s a matter… that’s an issue of principle. I haven’t… I can’t comment on that specific report.”

BaretaNews, hopes he has now watched the video and they should respond to Ambazonians and the World how comes UN materials are being used by its staff to perpetuate atrocities in a UN recognized territory of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia. When is the UN considering stepping in to stop this genocide currently going on in Ambazonia? Are Ambazonians the authors of UN Resolution 1608? What is holding the UN from enforcing its own laws.

Until these questions are adequately and satisfactorily answered and Ambazonia delivered from the colonial fangs of LRC, the people of the Sovereign State of Ambazonia are not ready to give up anytime soon. Not when many are homeless from the colonial Burnings. Not when many are in the bushes and refugee camps and not when the skeletons of many lie in unknown graves crying for justice for their innocent blood spilled for Ambazonia.

This is why Ambazonia MUST AND SHALL BE FREE.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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