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Colonial Military Gun Down 3 Ordinary Citizens In Bamenda



Colonial Military Gun Down 3 Ordinary Citizens In Bamenda

By Mbah Godlove

Family members of 3 men who thought their relatives were out in search of daily bread are in shock after learning that colonial soldiers had claimed the lives of the said persons.

Earlier on Monday, March 21 in Bamendankwe, a village in Bamenda I local government area consternation broke out after 3 corpses were discovered on the streets.

The lifeless body which had bullets marks could not easily be identified locals revealed that the 3 men were builders who were completing a project in the area.

An eyewitness told BarataNews that, the men were gunned down by French Cameroun soldiers who thought they were Ambazonian fighters.

A source narrated that, colonial soldiers were patrolling the area that faithful day, adding that loud gunshots were heard minutes after the elements of occupation made their way to the area where the 3 builders were working.

This is how the population of Bamendankwe later came out and found the 3 men in their own pool of blood already dead.

BarataNews understands that the corpses which were transferred to the Bamenda zona hospital mortuary were buried this Tuesday, March 2022

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