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Continuous French Cameroun Military Exploitation Leaves Ambazonians In Limbo



Continuous French Cameroun Military Exploitation Leaves Ambazonians In Limbo

By Mbah Godlove

French Cameroun’s unending military exploitation of Ambazonians has received wide spread condemnation.

A recent case of extortion is that of a Software developer in Buea, capital of Ambazonia’s Southern Zone.

A screenshot of a monetary transaction made into an unruly colonial agent of La Republic du Cameroun’s account has been made public as exhibit of unscrupulous acts meted out on Ambazonians.

According to the 20-year-old victim, 40,500 was illegally sent to the Gendarme officer, with account name Olivier Ismael Ndzie Matti, an identity believed to be used for such fraudulent acts.

After making the MoMo transaction, an additional 10,000Frs bank note was forcefully collected, amounting to 50,500Frs.
Hear the young man as her narrates his ordeal:
“I left my house with a friend to go buy fish at Mariton Cold Store in Molyko, and on my way back, I was making a call.

The over 5 Gendarmes who were in their truck called me when I was in front of the UBA ATM Machine. The head among them asked me to give them my phone which I gave, and he called me back to unlock it.

Mobile transaction to Olivier

I did as asked, and later the phone was brought to me, and I was asked to unlock my blockchain wallet.

I wanted to refuse, but I opened.

When they saw the transactions I had done, I was told it is illegal and they took us round town until left us at the Legion Gendarmerie station in Soppo.

I started asking questions why I was held and one of them started shouting at me.

He threatened to beat me up. He asked me to remove my slippers and sit on the floor, that’s when I knew it was getting serious.

They told me to give 100K and I didn’t have. My friend who has also been held several times knew where to find me. He came with others and they begged. I then gave them the money I was supposed to send for my younger sister to register the GCE (50,000Frs).

I transferred 40,500Frs to the man in charge, and gave him 10,000Frs later from my wallet.

That’s how I got freed. This is the 2nd time this is happening to me. I really feel frustrated.

There was another guy who sells shoes, when they saw papers of his bank transactions, they started all of a sudden saying he is one of the people sponsoring terrorism in Buea. This thing is not making sense at all.”

It worth mentioning that this recent scenario is the tip of the iceberg.

Weeks back, BaretaNews had reported an illegal collection of money from a youth whose laptop computer was confiscated for refusing to “settle control”, a concept general used by colonial forces to feed fat from Ambazonians pockets

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