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Colonial Military Crack Down Kills Labour Day Spirit In Buea



Colonial Military Crack Down Kills Labour Day Spirit In Buea.

By Mbah Godlove.

Ambazonians in Buea have been punished for refusing to leave their homes on Labour Day in solidarity with freedom fighters.

Earlier this Monday May 1, colonial gendarme elements were deployed across different neighborhoods in Buea to wreak terror on locals who preferred to stay home in solidarity with freedom fighters and their detained leaders.

The said colonial uniformed men moved to around arresting anyone they came by even in their houses.

This was the case with residents of Miss Bright street Bomaka who had a share of colonial brutality and financial extortion.

Dozens of women and men alike who stepped out to power up their phones in their neighbor’s houses with electricity supply were apprehended and whisked away while those who dare resisted were tortured.

Those who could afford 25000 francs were later released while the unfortunate ones were thrown in the sail.

Thus, while an atmosphere of enjoyment prevailed across French Cameroun on this 137th edition of the international labour day, the population of Buea, just like elsewhere in Ambazonia, remained in sorrow.

Instead, the little cash they had was seized by regime forces.

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