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French Cameroun Imposes Mayor on Mamfe



French Cameroun Imposes Mayor on Mamfe

By Mbah Godlove.

Ambazonians in Mamfe, chief town of the Manyu County have expressed their dislike over the imposition of a colonial Mayor.

Earlier on Monday October 19, Eyamba Jacques was installed by the colonial SDO for Manyu, much against the will of locals.

The said mew regime enabler who doubles as the chief of Ejumojuk, many told BN, has been a torn to the flesh of Ambazonians.

Inhabitants say his presence is a menace to the struggle for independence.

“He is not worth leading us because his hands are soiled with the blood of our women and children. He will certainly perish in the same way as the other Mayor,” an angry mother decreed.

Ayamba Jacques takes over from Ashu Prisly whose continuous dealings with the colonial government landed him in the drag net of Ambazonia Fighters four months ago.

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