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Colonial Governor Okalia Bilai Finds New Extortionist Strategies to raise Christmas money







Colonial Governor Okalia Bilai Finds New Extortionist Strategies to raise Christmas money

With the slow down in the invasion of Southern Cameroonian homes especially in the Mile 16 and Muea neighborhoods of Buea, the Capital of Ambazonia; the colonial Governor and his cohorts have developed new strategies to extort hard earned money from the poor masses. One of this new extortionist strategies is by confiscating the motor bikes of young Ambazonians, to be released upon payment of at least the sum of 50,000francs.

At around 7PM yesterday, 22nd September, 2017, one of BaretaNews reporters sighted a contingent of colonial forces on high speed from the GMI headquarters in Buea, heading towards the Albert Mukong Avenue, formerly known as Mile 17. BaretaNews could not however suspect of any impending raid on the people, since these colonial agents have always been dispatched to take strategic positions in the town every evening. Nevertheless, at around 8PM and above, BaretaNews received a distress call from a resident of Muea that some houses were under attack from colonial forces and they were carrying parked motorbikes into their vehicles. While motorbikes seen moving at that time were also confiscated and their riders properly molested and taken away with their bikes.

In a chat with a low ranking staff at the colonial governor’s office this morning, s/he told BaretaNews that, the colonial Governor is beginning a full implementation of his recently imposed curfew, which according to the staff, has been largely ignored by the bike riders, who are the major persons concern. Asked what it will take for the bikers to recover their seized bikes, the staff said from what s/he knows, any bike confiscated will only be released upon payment of at least 50,000francs and if they are re-confiscated, that’s how the money would double.

It is worth nothing that the colonial Governors of the two zones of Southern Cameroons had imposed curfews preventing movements especially by motor bikers from 7PM to 6AM every night. Most bike riders have ignored the curfew and have been going about their normal business activities. Some have even asked the colonial government to back their decision with a financial package to the bikers because they cannot just restrict their main source of income for security reasons without compensation.

BaretaNews considers the confiscation of bikes and the arrest of bike riders in Buea as continuous acts of aggression on the people by the colonial forces and their administrators. We must say that Ambazonians have had more casualties in Buea especially with the genocide that saw the discovery of mass graves where peaceful citizens were buried by colonial agents. Unfortunately, Buea has not received a fair share of self-defense measures. It is time those self-defense groups on ground inflict a heavy cost on the colonial forces and administration in Buea. The harassments are becoming too much for the people to bear because of the lack of necessary resources to defend themselves. Something needs to be done and done very fast. Are the self-defense wings of the revolution reading us?

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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