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Ambazonia Army Frees Leke Tambo, Sends Danger-Message To LRC







The Ambazonian Joint Restoration Forces (AJRF) have set free, Prof Ivo Leke Tambo. He was set free late this afternoon. Contrary to popular opinions and reports from Camerounese media in setting their agenda , information entering our news desk from our local office in Menji reveals that, AJRF freed arrested Tambo, with no financial or conditional bargain. He was simply sent to deliver a message to La Republique du Cameroun (LRC).

According to reports from inside the virgin Lebialem Forest where Tambo has been since Saturday, the slave of LRC had to undergo a series of covenants in fulfilment of the natural laws of the land, before he was freed- we learned.

As part of the covenants, he made series of promises on behalf of the other slaves serving in LRC, and swore some oaths, all to the satisfaction of the Ambazonian Army.

Most especially was the fact that Prof Ivo Leke Tambo was asked to deliver a letter to the Colonial Governors of Southern and Northern Zones, Paul Atanga Nji, Philemon Yang, and Paul Biya.

The message in summary, is to alert them of the imminent takeover of the land of the Federal Republique of Ambazonia. The Amba army has repeated for the umpteenth time, for the Camerounese government to show prove of the existence of the abducted leaders of Ambazonia.

The Amba army has also vowed to continue cleansing the land of all bad seeds that are facilitating the infestation of the Ambazonia.

In that effect, they have sent a palpable signal for all slaves hypocrites who are intending to organise LRC elections in Ambazonia, to desist from it or they face the wrath of a deprived people.

“CPDM party has officially been banned from Ambazonia. Anyone coming there to carry out any activity linked to LRC or CPDM, will face the wrath of a deprived people. I like to also add that, no elections will take place in Ambaland. We shall arrest and pass flagrant delicto judgements on anyone trying to go against our norms,” one Amba force hinted BaretaNews.

It should be recalled that Prof Ivo Leke Tambo was arrested on Saturday March 17, 2018, as he attempted to mobilise sycophants to celebrate issues of LRC. He was detained in the dense Lebialem Forest, and only freed today so he can be a testimony to others.

BaretaNews posits that this singular action which shows Prof Ivo leke Tambo released unharmed, is proof to the testament that the people of Southern Cameroons have grown mature into what they really want. It shows the people don’t intend to inflict torment their own but will not fail to send a message and even more to those who help Biya perpetuate genocidal actions in Ambazonia. We like to tell the world that we operate as the oppressed, wishing to restore our God’s giving rights. LRC has enslaved us for long.

The time of our freedom is now!!!

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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