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Colonial Forces’ Waterloo & Frustrations in Boyo County; Where Lies the Injunction from the Palace?



mass murder scheme in ambazonia






Colonial Forces’ Waterloo & Frustrations in Boyo County; Where Lies the Injunction from the Palace?

The peaceful people of Boyo County in the Northern Zone of Ambazonia, were enjoying their peaceful sleep in the early hours of Thursday 5, April, 2018. Unknown to them, colonial forces of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) had planned to disrupt their peace in a nocturnal operation. Sources say, the colonial invasion led by the genocidal BIR, was aimed at tracking and decimating an alleged hideout of Restoration forces, in continuation of Mr. Biya’s brainless-fatuous war against Southern Cameroonians.

Worthy of note is the fact that, this is a land, where the Paramount Fon and his traditional society recently placed a traditional injunction against the shedding of innocent blood in the entire county. And so, an estimated 60 to 70 terrorist forces attacked Anyajua early that morning breaking into the homes of citizens, shooting sporadically and indiscriminately, and even chasing citizens into the bushes and eliminating those they could. Where then are the Fons of these areas? What are they doing? Why are they silent? What happened to the traditional injunction? Was that the reasons for soldiers mysteriously dying lately. The future is pregnant.


However, the Restoration forces of Ambazonia had been briefed by sources within the colonial forces prior to the deadly attack. Consequently, they were vigilantly alert over the night and prepared to welcome the Yaoundé terrorists.

According to reports on the ground, the annexationist forces, for almost to four hours, fired indiscriminately into the neighbourhoods of Anyajua, breaking into nearby homes and shops, burning and looting. Anyajua was therefore turned into a war zone, as indiscriminate and repeated gun fire was being rained on the community from about eight tripod fitted machine guns mounted on military trucks.

Unwilling to see the continuous rain of terror on the armless and defenseless population, Restoration forces who were the main targets of the Yaoundé terrorists, had no choice than to emerge from hiding in their usual mystical guerrilla appearances and disappearances. They engaged the Yaoundé blood spillers in a fierce battle that saw the burning of two colonial military trucks and about 10 fatalities on their part, while many were wounded. A Hilux was then confiscated from a local citizen, which they used to transport their casualties and dead bodies to the Mbingo hospital.

“Just had a call from Bello now. The caller is reporting, that two trucks of colonial forces have been burnt down and about 10 of them killed as they engaged in a search for the hideout of restoration forces. That the colonialists have started shooting civilians in frustration. Everyone running to safety” A BaretaNews reporter wrote from Bamenda that morning. The Mbingo hospital had become a refuge zone for the population who had ran out of their homes for safety.

As the day went by, photos of innocent slain Ambazonians and some corpses of the colonial serial killers began appearing on social media platforms.

Apart from the fact that the brave young men from Belo mobilised to defend themselves by all means at their disposal; some young men started championing a resistance with their bare hands, struggling to block further access to the village by mounting roadblocks with rocks and trees fell using motorized wood choppers.

The colonial forces were the invaders and the attackers. They came to eliminate Restoration forces, but met their Waterloo. No doubt, in their usual terrorists style of operation when faced with a humiliating defeat, they turned their frustrations on the armless population. This has been their operations manual of fighting a war declared on a people who have no weapons of their own, but have just been asking for what is due to them. These colonial breast have shed innocent blood again in the land, after a peace and anti killing ritual was performed in the land by the palace. Ambazonians now await to see what comes out of the palace ritual as consequences to the unjust execution of innocent Bello citizens by the colonial terrorists.

James Agbor
Political Analyst, BaretaNews.

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