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Chronicles From Kondenqui

Chronicles From Kondengui: Yaounde Passes Court Sentences As Ambazonia Diaspora Tears Itself Apart





Almost 150 Ambazonians have been undergoing trial at the court of First instance Ekounou Yaounde since they returned from the torture camps of SED and GSO after protesting in Kondengui central prison

They are facing Three charges
1) group rebellion
2) attempted prison break (attempted escape from jail)
3) resistance to adhere to administrative orders

On August 28, a couple of Ambazonians were sentenced to 1,2 and 3 years imprisonment.

From Monday 2nd September, most verdicts will be passed on our comrades on trial and News filtering in from the higher corridors of Yaoundé puts it that instructions have been given to the Judges of the Magistrate’s Court or Court of First Instance at Ekounou to find everyone guilty with a jail term from between 1 to 5 years. The case is to be completed in two weeks time. All the accused will, therefore, be transferred to the newly constructed prison of Benbis situated in the heart of the rainforest in the South Region.

While MRC militants are facing the same fate with the sentencing of sone of their militants on 28 August to 3 years imprisonment for taking part in the protest. While the diaspora argues and fights over who should declare lockdowns and who should control the territories we don’t yet have, comrades in jails and ground zero are paying heavy prices..

Diaspora, be honest and tell yourselves the truth, that contributing your extra cash at hand after expenses to help Ground zero is not enough to sacrifice, no disrespect to those giving their all to help ground zero financially, but we in jails and those on ground zero are sick and tired of your constant infighting and wickedness towards a people you pretend to love.

One last plea for a redress, DIASPORA PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… we need you to stop and evaluate where we are and what each and everyone is doing to help us win this fight. Take a look at your brothers and sisters in jails, those dying on ground zero on a daily bases as well as our suffering refugees in Nigeria and in the dungeons of Mexico trying to get a better life and have PITY FOR ONCE. we need you now more than ever before.

Tsi Conrad

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