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Douala Roads: Chinese Company Wins 8.6 Billion Contract



BaretaNews has been informed that a Chinese company by name China Road & Bridge Corporation has won an 8.6 billion contract to build the Logpom-Logbesou-PK 14 road in the city of Douala. The contract was awarded by the Ministry of Public Procurement

BaretaNews learnt the contract will run for a 24-months period. We were informed the Chinese company was preferred over local and other international companies for their reliability. Recalled that China Road & Bridge is already at work in the Cameroons carrying on at least two projects.

Meanwhile, BaretaNews learned that the World Bank has pledged to fund the rehabilitation of the Babadjou-Bamenda road, which is regarded as a death-trap for most road users. The World Bank Officials of the institution made the pledge in a meeting with the Minister of Public Works in Yaounde on August 9.

It should be noted that the Government of Biya recently approved a diplomatic passport for free entries of Chinese officials into Cameroon and vice-versa without a visa. Cameroun government recently signed a 75 billion loan with the CHINA EXIM bank to provide 500.000 laptops to University students, a moved condemned by most Cameroonians. The main opposition leader, Ni John Fru Ndi, SDF Chieftain, in a communique concerning the deal, made it clear that the said “donation” by Mr. Biya is ridiculously unfair, unsustainable, unjust and smells of institutionalized corruption.

It is evident that Mr. Biya has found a friend in China.

God is still saying something.

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