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CBC Disowns Communique Calling Off Strike



The 4th February announcement over Cameroon National Television (CRTV) ending the Teacher’s strike has raised a lot of controversies and doubts towards the ongoing Anglophone Crisis. West Cameroonians were specifically worried considering the fact that they have not received any such instructions from the Anglophone Civil Society Consortium. However, reports from West Cameroon suggests SMS were going viral within West Cameroon debunking the CRTV report of school resumption especially as their leaders are still in detention.

However, the interim leadership of the Consortium quickly issued a communique debunking the false release from the few teachers trade union who signed. They wrote: “Fellow West Cameroonians, we have all heard on CRTV that some leaders of Teachers’ unions have been coerced by the government through the Governor of the North West Region to sign a release calling off the school boycott. We are all aware that the true leaders designated democratically by all the interest groups fighting for the liberation of Anglophones are either in detention or are on the run.”

The consortium continued to say that the pioneer leaders had stipulated clearly that the strike action shall only be called off at a press conference publicly with all components of the consortium present. Therefore, the announcement over CRTV and other media outlets calling off the strike is declared null and void- writes the Consortium. In this regard, the Consortium reiterated that the strike action with the ultimate boycott of 11th February 2017 continues. The interim leadership went further to emphasize that everyone must observe the ghost towns on Monday 6th, Friday 10th and Saturday the 11th of February, 2017.

Interestingly, amongst the Teacher’s Trade Unions who signed the famous communique purportedly declaring resumption of schools was AYEAH EMMANUELA of Cameroon Baptist Convention representing their Teachers Trade Union. Following much anger and backlash from the public, the executive President of the Cameroon Baptist Convention issued a short statement indicating that the CBC continues to advocate for a reasonable and peaceful settlement of the ongoing crisis without oppression and injustice.

The executive president of CBC clearly distance CBC from any document anywhere or anyone mandated to do so on their behalf. The CBC, therefore, calls on all West Cameroonians to discard all scandals that the CBC board have been bribed. According to the report, CBC has not taken any money from anyone and noted that when all government schools resume CBC schools will follow.

BaretaNews notes that this is a plus towards the struggle, the CBC declaration adds more grounds to that of the Catholic Education Community which has always stood with the people of West Cameroon. Recently, the Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda had declared the academic year blank and closed the doors of Catholic schools in the entire West Cameroon until further notice.

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