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Catholic Education: Facing the Android Generation



He who leads determines the direction where an organization goes. A good leader knows what policies to bring forth, knows how to relate and motivate those under him to success. The diocese of Buea under the educational authority of Fr Alexander Sob has scored one of the best results of the Diocese since its creation. Saint Joseph’s College Sasse which has been the lone establishment with 100 percent at both levels for some string of years has been joined by other sister schools who have done so well during this year GCE results (see photo attached)

Buea Diocese GCE 2016 results

Buea Diocese GCE 2016 results

The just release GCE results have been so well for all Catholic schools in the Diocese of Buea. This has been the handiwork of all Catholic teachers who put in much work and determination despite receiving meagre salaries compared to government teachers. As a former teacher myself who thought for two academic years in Sasse College before travelling out of the country, I can certify the condition in which these teachers go through but that is not stopping them from doing the work. BaretaNews is proud of these teachers and most especially the leadership of the Catholic Education Secretary, Fr Alexander Sob.

Speaking to BaretaNews, Fr Alexander said ” I am Your humble servant. Mark we must leave things better than we met then and take criticism from people like you most seriously. There is always room for improvement. We are working “. Fr Sob continues ” The points and grades scored by the students are tremendously good and must be better. Holistic curriculum , participatory teaching and hands-on pedagogy is our watchword”.

Fr Sob concluded ” Politicians build edifices, teachers mould minds. I have told my teachers, we cannot have 20th-century teachers using the 19th-century curriculum to teach 21st-century children. Quit baseless dogmatism and face the challenges of the Android generation. I am very proud of my teachers. They deserved all the praises because these results are a direct reflection of the work these teachers put in. God bless them”

BaretaNews noted that Saint Francis college has never scored a 100 percent, especially at the A-levels. To Fr Sob, it is a parting gift to the Diocese of Kumba as Saint Francis College Kumba is now under the Kumba Diocese.

The results as stated are good. It is the position of BaretaNews that the Catholic Church must also look at the social amenities offered the teachers. Healthcare and insurance should be a top priority for these teachers and most importantly, the salaries of the teachers should be upgraded to meet the current social challenges in the Cameroons.

BaretaNews uses this opportunity to congratulate all students who made it and calls on those who failed to try again. Do not give up

God is still saying something.

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