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Terrorist Gendarme Puts GCE Markers At Gun Point







Teachers marking the 2018 Cameroon General Certificate of Education scripts at the Baptist High School (BHS) Buea, were forced to take refuge in benches to avoid an accidental discharge from the gun of an incensed terrorist Gendarmerie Officer.
The terrorist officer had been dispatched to the examination marking centre to ensure that teachers, who were correcting scripts of the 2018 GCE Examination in Buea, do so under a calm and serene atmosphere, despite the prevailing socio-political Crisis in the Ambazonia.
However, the teachers were stunned when their supposed ‘guardian angel’ metamorphosed into an aggressor, spoiling for a show down with the teachers. Most of the teachers went under their tables as the officer was wielding his gun at them, shouting and raining insults on them.
“He bashed into our quiet hall and began raining insults on us, pointing his gun at us. I could hear him say we Ambazonians are ungrateful. He said we have everything yet, we keep complaining. He mentioned that if we joke, he will waste our lives and nothing shall happen. At that point, we became so confused, and decided to seek refuge under the table. He so many bad things. But thanks to the timely intervention of his colleagues, he did not shoot,” Mbah Emmanuel, one of the makers told BaretaNews.
The act of the terrorist officer sent fear down the spines of the teachers, who at a certain moment feared for their lives as the officer insulted, cursed and ranted at them in French.
“He told us we are nobody in Cameroun. He insinuated that we convince our children to rebel against the government, hence, killing many of his fellow brothers. I couldn’t believe he said all of that. For those of us who sat in front, we were even scarier, giving that he pointed his gun straight to our faces,” Ndelle Efeti, another of the markers told BaretaNews.
Meanwhile, in other GCE marking Centres in Buea, some teachers have complained at the furious and suspecting ways in which some of the officers stationed to guard them are often staring at them whenever they are on break.
According to one of the teachers, “the older security officers look at us in a very stern way, while the younger ones rather look frightened.”
The recent outing and behaviour of one of the officers has left fear in the minds of many teachers, who are now wondering whether the State officials in charge of their security takes precaution as to the mental state of the officers they dispatch to guard teachers.
A teacher who witnessed the incident at BHS said the officer could be a drug addict, a drunk or suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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