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Parents Begin pulling their kids from GCE SCAM.



Developing Story: Parents Begin pulling their kids from GCE SCAM.

BaretaNews is getting comfirm information that some parents of students from PCSS Buea, have finally understood that, GCE of this year is a big scam by LRC, and have asked all their children to pack out from the dormitories. Some of the students have begun going home.

Also, BaretaNews can also confirm that in Sasse college, the form five and upper sixth students who came purposely for the scam called GCE have been let loose. They now have phones in the dormitory and can go out at wills. The teachers themselves are just fade up. This is not the type of education we want for our kids.

By virtue of the fact that forms 1 2 3 4 and lower sixth have not studied since November 27, syllabuses have not been completed and left undone. Any transfer to the next class is an educational scam. Therefore, 2018 GCE is directly affected since November 27, 2016 as forms three and lower sixth students have already lost a whole year without studying. Recall that school started in September 2016 and after two months in November 2016, it shut down till this moment and we are in May 2017 which brings the school year to an end to begin again in September 2017. A beginning which will depend on the restoration of Southern Cameroons statehood so that affordable education shall be provided. That is to say, if the political crisis is not resolved, schools will not resume and everything goes back to ground zero.

At best, a new Southern Cameroons state shall offer its citizens a clean slate. Ghana, Nigeria etc stayed home for two years and more to fix the educational system.

What we know is that the educational atmosphere in Southern Cameroons can never be same again in this present dispensation.

Therefore, If you are reading, ask any parent with kids in these boarding schools to start pulling their kids home. Students can’t take an exam that was not taught. The political scam of the GCE is the biggest insult of our system. Parents should not allowed their kids take an exam whose certificates end only in cameroon because we are in a global village and besides boarding schools could be a target of angry groups

BaretaNews can only talk.

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