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We Cannot Dialogue With People In The Bushes – Okalia Bilai








The colonial governor of the Southern Zone of Ambazonia, Okalia Bilai, says LRC cannot dialogue with people in the forest.

He was speaking, Thursday June 14 2018, while chairing an enlarged coordination meeting. The meeting that took place at the conference hall of the colonial administrator’s office, grouped local colonial administrators, slave municipal mayors, traditional rulers and some elite.

Addressing the audience, Okalia Bilai said it is left for the elite and the traditional administrators to mobilise themselves and convince the people in the bushes to come back home, so that dialogue can take place,

“You and I best know that your people would not listen to us no matter how we convince them. However, they will listen to you because you people share a lot in common. It is for this reason that I call on you elites and traditional rulers, to call your people back home,” Okalia highlighted.

The colonial administrator admitted that the military committed some flaws in the discharge of their function. He elucidated that, necessary measures will be taken to accommodate those whose properties have been lost.

“We understand that some of your people have lost their properties due to some unforeseen circumstances. We shall provide all the necessary assistance so that they can be accommodated. I cannot stay here and refuse that the military has not committed some errors, but all of those things were in a bit to bring sanity in the region,” Okalia added.

During the meeting, some elites as well as chiefs, raised concerns on who the people now listen to. An elite was even bold enough to tell the governor that those in the bushes listen more on people abroad, than those presently here.

The meeting rounded up with all parties clamouring for normalcy to return in the country.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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