Cameroun Diplomatic Corps Calls On Biya To End Anglophone Conflict



Cameroun Diplomatic Corps Calls On Biya To End Anglophone Conflict
BaretaNews can now report that after many years of silence, members of the Cameroun diplomatic corps have on Wednesday urged Cameroun Dictator, Mr. Paul Biya to settle the ongoing conflict in Southern Cameroons
“The diplomatic corps counts on your wisdom to offer a peaceful and lasting solution to the current crisis in the Northwest and Southwest regions of the country,” Paul Patrick Biffot, Gabonese ambassador to Cameroon and head of the diplomatic corps in Cameroon said.
This maybe the first time we are getting an official statement from the Cameroun diplomatic corps. For most period of the conflict, they have been silent though very few of their respective countries have been on it. Pressures keep mounting on Mr Biya to find lasting ways to sort the conflict. United Nations security council had called on him to sort things out.
Yesterday Mr Paul Biya in his official Facebook account wrote “I have said and confirm that I have the greatest concern for the people of these two regions (North-West and South-West). I am very sensitive to their concerns about their security and their aspirations for the return to calm and normal social life” Rene Timah, Southern Cameroons political communicator responded ” A killer assuring his victims he is deeply concern about their safety. Biya is trying to paint an opposite picture to the international community. A Machiavelli tactics of carrot and stick. Kill and pretend to mourn and others will be considered as the real killers”
Mr. Biya has been adamant to resolve the conflict. Thousands of Southern Cameroonians including their leaders are still being locked up across jails in the Cameroons. Many more are displaced internally with thousands in Nigeria. Just recently, in Jakiri, Cameroun BIRs raped Judith Kongla, a 24 year old nursing mother with 5 months old baby. Many more villages, houses are being burnt. There is no end in sight.
Southern Cameroons Self Defense forces are not on their part giving up either. We cannot tell what meaning and how far the message from the diplomatic corps will go to help
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  1. sunshine

    January 9, 2019 at 7:48 PM

    biya is sending his bir to be neutralized in Ambazaonia. Ambazonians are a very warm, peaceful and welcoming people but when pushed to the wall, they stand strong and fight to win in the end. The war biya declared to be won in two weeks has given him sleepless nights for two years and will continue until he withdraws in shame. Ambazonians are wide awake AND CAPABLE OF DEFENDING THEMSELVES WITH GOD’S POWER TO THE END. IT’S AMBAZONIA OR NOTHING!!

  2. Mbeuh

    January 9, 2019 at 8:32 PM

    All things in this world must come to an end and Biya’s recalcitrance
    is no exception. Just like the French got tired and rided themselves of the satanic Ahidjo, even Biya’s strongest backers will soon tire of him beginning with this call from the diplomatic corps to end Southern Cameroons military forced recolonization. If I were bi Mvondo, I would make haste to heed the call before the army do to him what Zimbabwe’s military did to the old tired Mugabe. The English say a word to the wise is enough. He who has ears let him hear (the call).

  3. Antoine Abuo Ntembe

    January 10, 2019 at 4:21 AM

    We shall overcome

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