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Cameroun is a diabetic Republic








The ANGLOPHONE PROBLEM has made Cameroon to become a DIABETIC REPUBLIC because TWO CUBES OF SUGAR have refused to dissolve after 56 years dans la sauce. The diagnosis talks of TYPE 2 DIABETES, where there is starvation in the midst of plenty. The country cannot dissolve sugar to get vital energy that is necessary to keep the system running. As a consequence, Cameroon is suffering from HYPERTENSION, KIDNEY MALFUNCTION, BLINDNESS, IMPOTENCE, COMA, un-healing of wounds and many diseases that are associated with diabetes.

The failure to dissolve sugar has lead to many economic problems in Cameroon due to the absence of schools, the internet shut down and the persistent GHOST TOWNS that have crippled the nations economy. If AMBALAND has just 3 million internet users who spend 100XAF a day then on average, then we are talking of a 300 million XAF loss per day, keeping aside the big internet consumers like the corporate bodies (big companies, money transfer agencies, cybercafés and others).

If we multiply 300 million XAF by 90 days then we are talking of 27 BILLION XAF. Not to talk of the crushing economic effects of the GHOST TOWN that affects every sector of the economy, with neighbouring towns like DOUALA and BAFOUSSAM crumbling under its crushing weight. People dont seem to understand the gravity of the situation. As usual, crooked CRTV brandished a ridiculous 2 BILLION XAF loss. What a shame. Anyone can do the calculations. When we talk of internet users in AMBALAND it doesnt limit itself to Anglophones but to the entire internet population that is resident here.

The HYPERTENSIVE nature of the crises has given the government sleepless nights for close to one year now and has sent its spin doctors hovering all over the place within the national territory and abroad as though the problem lies abroad when it is the contrary. We see a country that is limping seriously and has become IMPOTENT with respect to finding a lasting solution to the crisis. Over these months, the same actions have been repeated over and over again and we wonder whether our leaders have become BLIND or simply lack any VISION in leadership to the reality that exists.


Cameroon has become very sick, a country that requires DIALYSIS from kidney failure because peace can only return to this land when the agents of darkness have been dialysed from it either through murder or though natural death. These leaders have become the toxic waste that is killing the country slowly over time. The INDEPENDENTS have a right to claim their Statehood so as not to drown with the TITANIC that is sinking every other day. We have generalised strikes, civil and military, nationwide social unrest, multiple road accidents, soaring domestic and foreign debt, massive embezzlement and the looting of state resources, a failed justice system and a potentially explosive polity, coupled with disturbing uncertainty and the BOKO HARAM.

If care is not taken, Cameroon will slide into a COMA in the next few months. Many Anglophones have incurred wounds that will never heal, from the death of their lost ones, the beatings, rape, dehumanisation and other things. We got shocked when MARK BARETA published a video of some 12 Anglophones who have been declared missing for 6 months were discovered inside a NAZI -style windowless CONCENTRATION CAMP in a Yaoundé prison where even sunlight is a luxury and these citizens have been barred from any visits nor do their families know their whereabouts. Such a dehumanisation is happening in a country that claims to respect the RULE OF LAW. Other images of detainees have been published that depict severe malnutrition and total lack of medical care. Yet when AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL talks of human rights abuses, TCHIROMA is asking for proofs. This reminds me of the same declaration that was made in the 1980s when the entire state treasury had been looted and the country had plunged head-long into an economic crisis and BIYA was asking for proofs.


Ambe Emmanuel

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