Boh Herbert Chastise La Republique UN Delegation, Calls Them Crying Babies





Our people are so hungry for freedom and so anxious to get to Buea that they are not savoring small victories on the way there and they are growing increasingly deaf to the kind of diplomatic lingo that rebukes colonial regimes like Yaounde. The meeting yesterday at the UN HQs in New York with Deputy Secretary General Amina J. Mohammed was one of those small victories on the way to Buea. As the leading diplomatic organization in the world, the UN was not going to put an exclamation mark at the end of its rebuke of the Biya regime.

It came very close to pelting Prof. Ghogomu and team with rotten eggs. Thanks to the hard work that our people have done in preceding LRC to the UN with the truth, the lies Yaounde hatched for this delegation failed to convince. The readout of the meeting published by the Office of the Spokesperson has two very important messages for the colonialists in Yaounde:

First, the UN wants Yaounde to know that the world body holds the regime to “higher standards” than they have shown so when it comes to the rule of law and respect for human rights. Translation: can Yaounde please live up to standards! We are appalled by the low or sub-human standards you now follow. Additionally, the UN means that the colonial regime cannot use the pretext of the activists did X, Y, Z to justify doing A, B, C. That is what happens when the colonialists get to the UN only to find that we reported them a long time ago. The lies don’t add up.

Second, and most importantly, the UN basically instructed the colonial regime to stop running around the world and complaining like crying babies to organizations like the UN and the African Union. The solution to the problem of recolonization that you are accused of, said the UN is not so many words, rests in you climbing down from that high horse and calling an inclusive dialogue with the stakeholders (Southern Cameroonians).

Forget the other points about we support you on the fight against terror and we praise you for being welcoming to refugees. It is the bite-and-blow that the UN masters so well. The two points I have highlighted above are diplo-talk for “get out of here, you evil regime! Go put your house in order by dialogue go with those you are disrespecting!”

Someone is licking their wounds…

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)
Spokesperson, MoRISC

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Otto Ama
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