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Finally: I am now an Ambazonian- Tapang Ivo Tanku



Tapang Ivo Tanku, security expert and citizen journalist based in the United States who is one of the leading voices of the “Anglophone” Struggle on social media has finally declared himself an Ambazonian. He published this declaration on his Facebook today December 23rd 2016. Read on:

I am now an Ambazonian because Lying Tchiroma Bakari said his three daughters speak “fluent English” and are Anglophones too. He told Al Jazeera’s The Stream.

Now, let me clearly switch to the Ambazonian side so that he too can switch over his daughters to us. Only Ambazonians are Anglophones. They disguised their dirty attempts to train all French-speaking citizens in English so as to dissolve our Anglophone case. We now have an Ambazonian case and not Anglophone case.

Do you think there are really worried that over 200,000 students and pupils are on strike in West Cameroon? Not at all. They are only worried that a few of their Ministers’ children who study in our English system have had their education careers disrupted and will miss an entire academic year.

We must STOP the academic year completely if the dialogue is not granted on Federalism or Secession. We need no one else but Paul Biya. He must sit with us. We are the poor parents who struggle to pay the fees. We do not have money to send our children to school because we have been denied equality in jobs and opportunities. We love our children but let them stay at home.

Teachers do not be afraid. Do not trust Tassang Wilfred anymore. He is a toothless bulldog. No one can slash your salaries. Social media is watching your back. Send us the names and photos of that gangster principal and his/her telephone number. We must hold them accountable and expose them to our power.

If French-speaking citizens did not have their children in our schools, believe me, that they could not have worried themselves trying to negotiate for the strike to be lifted on education. Ask why they care about teachers and not lawyers? Does that tell you something now?

Tapang Ivo Tanku.

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