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Southern Cameroons Governing Council Should Declare A National Mourning Day







Dr. David Makongo is a Southern Cameroonian who has been touched greatly by the Muyuka tragedy. He has penned a heartfelt letter to the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Governing Council calling on the Council to do more by declaring a national mourning day in Ambazonia after their initial letter of condolences. Read on


Special Message to H.E. Sisiku Tabe

Dear Mr. President,

Let’s declare Wednesday, August 23rd, a day to remember lives lost or injured in Mile 29 and to pledge our commitment to prevention!

Many of us were relieved to read your condolence mesaage and measures being put in place to help affected familes. The people in whose behalf we are fighting for restoration cannot be slaughtered in a ghastly motor accident in such a magnitude and we allow it to be treated as normal normal business. No it’s not normal, we are all hurting and we need a father and we desperately need leadership here right now. Don’t we?

In civilized societies like the one we are trying to build, leaders come out on sad tragic moments like this mile 29 tragedy, to witness the scene of the accident and visit families of victims and mourn with them. We don’t expect Yaounde to do it because our lives don’t matter to them and we are not part of them anymore. Do we or are we?

It is on moments like this that national unity speaks volumes. But it does not exist under the present system. As a new nation being built on the sound pillars of humanity, we must rise above the ordinary practice and show solidarity with our people in moments of pain and in moments pleasure as Southern CAMEROONIANS.

The Douala – Yaounde; Douala – Mutengene; Mile 29 – Ekona; Yaounde – Bamenda roads have claimed more lives than maleria and aids put together. Yet, LRC has got no answers for this after for 35 years to safe the lives of our poor people.

It is difficult to state here, yet it is a truism that these bad roads have claimed the lives some of our best minds and brains and left behind so much pain, orphans and widows as a consequence.

I am persuaded declaring Wednesday a day of national mourning in SC will;
1. Give our people time to prepare and bury our faithful departed;
2. Create more awareness amongst road users and introduce higher dimensions of consciousness into the collective awareness of all Southern Cameroonian road users;
3. Als time to remember some of our great people prematurely perished on those roads like Battey Bissong, Dr. Ebanja, Dr. Akam, Mr. Manga Motoma, Justice Ekoko and many resourceful others.
4. Send a strong reminder to Yaounde and those our few brother and sisters still refusing to validate the dream for change that we are resolved to end the colonization of SC and begin tapping our own natural resources to build our own roads and reduce road accidents and deaths.

H.E. Sisiku, this is the right call so go ahead and make it. For I can’t imagine a better proclamation today for Southern Cameroons than the “proclamation of solidarity.” Let’s work together or mourn together to achieve the highest form of Solidaity for Southern CAMEROONS.

Dr. David Makongo, (Bonavada county that lost over 13 youth in this accident)

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