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The Interim Government Was A Bad Idea Without A Friendly Country-Millan Atam





Reading this handwritten note from Tassang has flooded me with conversations which I have had over the past months. It seems unfortunately that my fears are coming true and things will only get worse. When I warned against the sacking of Sako and his IG, I pointed to a number of potential pitfalls:

1. Because Sako (and a whole bunch are heavily dependent and feeding off the IG) they will not go away without a fight. Many of these guys came in thinking we were making money out of rhe revolution and therefore saw it as an opportunity for them to also enrich themselves and from what i gather tbey have managed to do so. They would rather everything crumbles before they would walk away from such a cash cow . The idea of having two IGs would be catastrophic for the struggle and dismissing Sako without a mechanism of enforceability was being counter-productive. But reason does not always triumph.

2. I warned that having 2 IGs would have serious ramifications on the people on GZ and most especially on the boys; it would also bring about a great divide in the diaspora and for at least six months move the struggle backwards. There was also the danger of tribalism as a line along which the divide would be felt. But again reason failed to triumph.

3. The Brand we worked so hard to create called SISIKU AYUKTABE would have been reduced to nothing but another FRONTLINE LEADER claiming to be the leader of the revolution. I didn’t care if Sako chopped all the money as long as he deferred to Sisiku as our overall leader. Dismissal would mean Sako considering his stomach first and thereby leading to a SISIKU IG and a SAKO IG; and in the process depriving us of one authoritative voice that can speak on all our behalf when the time came; Again reason failed to triumph.

4. I made a potent statement. I said if the Yaounde regime had any strategists, any anmouncemrnt of Sako would be the signal to make a move knowing that the most powerful block in the struggle had been fractured. The Regime would take advantage of the rift to action several things; Interestingly it signalled willingness to dialogue knowing that Sisiku does not hold sway anymore. I suspected the regime would either condemn or free them with the confidence that the Sako camp will be used to weaken his support even if he was free. Ultimately they chose sentencing. Again my mention of these possibilities did not register.

5. That whether we like it or not Sako still holds a certain degree of support. This is largely residual support from those who used to believe in the IG and of course a good number who have benefited from his distribution of the acquired MTTB wealth. Those would stick with him to their graves for that’s how dictatorships work. We therefore cannot underestimate his support and sometimes you defeat such people by letting time expose them instead of going out there to try and destroy them. Again the lust for positions and power was more attractive.

6. I had warned as far back as 2018 that I had reliable information that Sako has plans to consolidate power. Therefore, he would have no intention of handing power back when the time came. Based on this information I had strongly advised that all efforts must be made to avoid any direct confrontation between Sisiku and Sako. Somehow we should manage the Sako ego while building an alternative platform that would ensure a smooth transition not through declarations and announcements of sacking with no TEETH but through tangible results which people would easily follow. Experience has shown that our people are attracted to result regardless of who performs. But there has always been such a lust for the illusive IG and illusive titles that truly baffles me. So strong voices argued for the DISMISSAL but did not provide the tools for enforcement thus providing Sako with what he had always planned to achieve. Consolidate power.

7. Finally that because an Interim Government was always a bad idea without the backing of a friendly country, we should take advantage of the Sako chaos and build towards a new entity, preferably a movement as has always been done by most revolutionary efforts. Nowhere has our IG been received as a Government simply because no responsible government worldwide would talk to a government that does not have recognition. But a political party would meet with another political movement and share ideas without in any way breaking diplomatic protocol. Unfortunately that was an opportunity lost. Reason failed to prevail and again Ego triumphed.

All these I argued in a series of conversations with those who should normally be listening and reflecting in a strategic manner. Same like I had argued against the idea of a 5th Conclave or APNC whose sole mandate was to get rid of Sako. I had said the APNC was using a cord to taunt someone who is in a deep pit and cannot come out on their own. The cord you send asking them to use to hang on their neck and die ultimately becomes the cord that they use to get out of the pit. And because your intention was never to help them come out but rather to help them hang with the cord, they will come our swinging with the same cord against you. Like I predicted the APNC instead of killing Sako, instead boosted his support. It was far easier to let him fizzle out on his own.

If there is anyone who should have all the reason in the world to try and take down Sako, that person should be me. No one suffered more from the hands of Sako and his acolytes like I did from lying about me refusing to cooperate with investigations, putting full time resources to destroy SCCOP (for a full year), sponsoring a machinery with Chris Anu to say I betrayed my comrades in Nigeria (and in the process depriving us of having one direct survivor of the NERA ABDUCTIONS who could have championed a campaign for their release. Of course I understand Chris Anu deliberately made sure of that by paying people to keep calling my name until lies became truth To ensure no such worldwide campaign for their release be possible).
If there is one person who should be rearing to exact revenge, that person should have been me. But I have not been stupid in advocating for them to be left alone. If Sako was the one to take us to Buea, by all means let it be. But if not time would fish him out. I am aware we have bigger fish to fry. We always need to look and think of what the bigger enemy is doing. Time will come for the small fish.

By the way they did not carry out a coup d’etat to find themselves in those positions. We naively took them out of Facebook and put them right at the heart of one of the most complicated revolutions of our time. Give a monkey a gun and it can only shoot. It has no sense of direction it should be shooting. So we must all pay the price.

The handwritten note by Tassang is only a symptom of what is plaguing our revolution. The tendency to play politics during a revolution. Tassang should have never been an issue today if revolutionary decisions were taken way back when it was clear that SCAPAC had some shady business. Again politics triumphed and reason failed.

Interestingly the forces are converging. Sako in order to retain relevance, has turned to Tassang. I learn of other alliances holy or unholy. Yesterday’s villain is made today’s hero regardless of all the villainous acts all in order to stay relevant. One key person suffers the most – in all this politicking, jostling for relevance and positions, the person on Ground Zero seems to have no voice and pays the PRICE.

So nothing that is happening today surprises me. I came, I saw and I predicted. Unfortunately the poor decisions of a few will have severe impact on many. That is the nature of a revolution. As for me if there is one lesson I have learned is to henceforth stick with what is right and makes sense to me. I follow my own path!


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