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Staying Focus is our Mantra

We have come this far because we have been focused. We avoided side distractions because what is ahead of us is greater than a few minutes show in front of a TV. When we look back 55 years of marginalization and annexation in all aspects of national life then you will know the sham we have been into. When we recall that our people have been shot multiple times, killed, maimed, abducted, jailed etc, we would not even smile at anything La Republique. If you don’t know, get it now. WE ARE AT “WAR”. LA REPUBLIQUE HAS VIRTUALLY DECLARED “WAR” ON WEST CAMEROON that is there is no freedom of expression, you can’t say anything “Anglo” without being arrested, our bars and popular joints are flooded with plain clothes security operatives, our streets and schools are militarized, our internet services are cut, our people are abducted on a daily basis and whisked off to unknown destination. Yes, we are at “war”, but we need to respond adequately in the most non-violent manner that will shake the very fabric of the so-called unity and this is our struggle to win.

We refuse the few West Cameroon bigots in the name of elites and their agents or family who benefits from their fall-outs from the rogue government to dictate to us from what we want. France, UK, UN, Ambassadors running to Etoudi as the case was today etc will not help us. ONLY us can help us achieve this goal of West Cameroon state restoration. Our destiny rests on us. When we stay united, focused and shun all chiefs, fons, elites, parties, division then we would succeed. We have been succeeding without these elites and so shall it be. We would force UN, France, UK, Biya regime to come to us. We can only do that by continue to ground our schools and courts, observing ghost towns, boycotting 11th February to show that the “come-we-stay” marriage has collapsed and engaged in some future strategies which will be revealed after 11th February would get us to success.

We must make sure nothing happens in West Cameroon. No public or national activity decreed by La Republique must go on in our land. We the people are in control, we have captured our land back but it is not yet free from savages and blood thirty vandals. Nobody at war goes to sleep. We would not sleep because resistance is our duty. If your eyes cause you to sin, then pluck it off.

This is Mark Bareta and I approve this message.

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