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CAF President Snubs Biya’s Invitation; Says Cameroun Not Ready To Host AFCON 2019







Cameroon: CAF President, snubs Biya’s Invitation, Announces Arrival Of Inspection Team Come August 28, 2017.
The Confederation of Africa Football CAF’s Chief executive has declined an invitation from the President of Cameroun to visit even without knowing the raison d’être of the invitation. The CAF Chair went further to say Cameroun is not ready to host even 4 teams talk less of the 24 teams. The president of the Confederation of African Football Ahmad Ahmad made this known while on a working visit to Burkina Faso on Saturday August 4 2017. He made it crystal clear in an interview with RFI.

Ahmad was very technical when he said there was no certainty that Cameroon will organize CAN 2019. The president of the Confederation of African Football “CAF” Ahmad Ahmad said “We are going to send experts to Cameroon from 20 to 28 August and we will decide at the end of their inspection mission,”. Such a statement simply means he will not come to Cameroon, rather he will send an inspection team.

“We are going to send experts to Cameroon from August 20 – 28, 2017,and we will decide at the end of their inspection mission,” That statement from Ahmad Ahmad meant only one thing, absolute denial to come to Cameroon despite being invited.

Solomon Amabo, Southern Cameroons Senior Journalist corroborated the CAF President to say he is right. Hear him: “..The CAF President is Right! Cameroon is the way it is (under developed infrastructure-wise) because we are used to patch things, managing anyhow to make it work. Those who benefit from the rotten system always see those who paint and speak reality as devils, unpatriotic. The Caf President is right. CAMEROON is not ready and would not be ready to host CAN even in 2035. Except by miracle. The Caf President even forgot to mention security concerns. Things must be done properly now. Time for patching and managing is over. Any slight criticism you will hear ‘ oh they want to destabilise Cameroon ” Is CAMEROON really stable? Really?..”

BaretaNews is of the opinion that the CAF President is right. Considering the mess of infrastructure within both Cameroons and the prevailing security concerns in Southern Cameroons which will instead escalate as we move closer to liberation, AFCON should be hosted in another country. Cameroun is not ready.

BaretaNews with contributions from Santa Meteo Radio.

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