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Eric Tataw Mocks Cameroun: I will attend National Dialogue By Proxy



Ambazonia Activist Eric Tataw has mocked Biyalague by stating that he will be attending the Biya’s National Dialogue by Proxy. He said Sisiku Ayuk Julius and the entire Nera 10 should attend on his behalf indirectly implicating that Biya should release leadership in jail. Below is a statement from Eric Tataw

I’m Going To Biya’s National Dialogue By Proxy!

My name is Eric Tataw. I write in my capacity as one of Ambazonia’s Activists. I write to thank the United States especially President Donald Trump, H.E Tibor Nagy, Senator Ben Cardin, Rep Karen Bass for not only providing me and others a haven for Activism but also using the Congress to press on the Cameroon Government to call for Dialogue.

The pressure from America and her partners caused Cameroon’s President to call for Dialogue in the most unprecedented manner.

Let me seize this unique opportunity especially after my talk with Miss Karen Bass to assure the American public that her efforts are appreciated.

Based on this; I, Eric Tano Tataw, a legal resident of the State of Maryland and an Employee of the United States Federal Capital of Washington DC and as well in the State of Virginia hereby give proxy to Our Leadership in Jail to represent me and my entire family in this Dialogue as Ambazonians.

Eric Tataw, Monday September 16, 2019.

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