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Kumba-Buea Road: Colonial Soldier Sexually Assaults Teenager




Kumba-Buea Road: Colonial Soldier Sexually Assaults Teenager

By Mbah Godlove

If you are a young and beautiful Ambazonian lady who has traveled through the Buea-Kumba stretch of road without a colonial identity card and gone untouched, then you must have been very fortunate.

A disturbing story reaching BaretaNews room is that of a 17-year-old lady who is depressed after suffering sexual violence at the hands of French Cameroun’s soldiers.

Rape is the punishment the teenager receives for not being in possession of an identity card.

Speaking to BaretaNews on the basis of anonymity, a commercial transporter at the Kumba -Buea highway told BN how the drama unfolded.

The little girl was traveling from Buea to Kumba for a short family visit when the tragic incident occurred.

As they approached the Mbanga colonial control post, everyone was asked to step down and present their identity card.

Unfortunately for the 17-year-old, she was the lone person without identification documents.

As such, one of the colonial soldiers gave a fiat that the driver kicks off, and indeed he did with the all passengers onboard, but the lady.

She later recounted to the driver how she was compelled to have sexual intercourse with the colonial office or face the wrath of security forces.

The deliberations between the duo lasted for several hours but ended up with the lady giving in for fear of paying with her life.

The victim reportedly opens up to the driver that each time she is around the control post, memories of the incident fill her mind, making her feel insecure.

The situation of the 17-year-old is just one in a myriad of ladies who fall into the dragnet of gullible security officers on a daily basis across Ambazonia.

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