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Biya’s Age: An Impediment To Cameroun’s Progress – Barrister Tamfu



Biya’s Age: An Impediment To Cameroun’s Progress – Barrister Tamfu

By Mbah Godlove

Renowned Anglophone legal practioner, Barrister Tamfu Richard says French Cameroun’s dictatorial president, Paul Biya is too old to be at the helm of the country.

Speaking on Equinoxe Television on November 07, the member of the Cameroon and Nigeria bar associations said President Biya Biya should step down, stating that his age no longer permits him to effectively govern the country.

The outspoken legal luminary pointed out that that anyone who celebrated the tyrant’s 37 anniversary in power is a “lost sheep”, given that the regime has collapsed.

Barrister Tamfu Richard unequivocally lambasted a window dressing dialogue that the baby-killer regime had convened a month ago with the pretext of resolving the deteriorating Ambazonian war of independence.

Just like the international community, he said solutions to the deadly conflict could not have been devised from such a flip-flop ceremony.

Barrister Tamfu is one of the daring lawyers who have been defending Ambazonians, especially journalists illegally arrested by the colonial government of 86 year-old Biya.

The barrister emphatically stated that Samuel Wazizi, a detained Southern Cameroonian TV journalist is one in a myriad whom French Cameroun has illegally arrested. He classified the republic as a lawless country where internationally recognized human rights are being violated.

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