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BaretaNews Tuesday Late Night Updates



mass murder scheme in ambazonia





BaretaNews late night updates

1. Colonial slave Atanga Paul Nji nicodemously entered Kumba today as Widikum and Batibo are currently experiencing some heavy gun shorts.

2. We are told La Republique soldiers have invaded Bekondo local government area in the Southern zone. As we write, the community is on flames. La Republique barbarism continues

3. Menji has been deserted as restoration forces are left alone to battle with colonial officers.

4. We are told of an unfortunate situation of a stray bullet from La Republique forces killing a form three student in Widikum last night at a Catholic college. Recalled that La Republique forces were in battle with an elite force of the Tigers known as the Terminators. New information entering our news desk though unconfirmed suggests that the said Form three student was a son of a police officer. The poor kid has lost his life and becomes one of the victims of the ongoing war. Like in any war hospitals, schools and religious institutions are no go areas and must be protected.

5. The revolution takes another phase as French Ambassador calls on French citizens to stop going to Ambazonia. It’s a war zone.

6. Interim Government Acting President has called for calm and requests Ambazonians to continue funding “My Trip to Buea”. He reiterated that investigative commission is at work and it’s a process

7. BaretaNews is learning towards the possibility that Sisiku Ayuk Julius Tabe et al are alive and in Yaounde under tight security. Various sources claimed they have seen them but we maintain our position that so far as no proof of life, we consider that La Republique has taken away their lives and she must proof otherwise.

8. Mark Bareta, CEO of BaretaNews is sound and safe. He earlier disregarded any rumours of his abductions. He informed Paddy Asanga, the chief La Republique federalist slave propagating these lies to wait for another 70 years before his dreams come true.

Stay tuned. We are together.
27/3/2018, 22:05 Ambazonia Time, 23:05 Brussels Time

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