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Biya Regime Escapes Lock-down Realities, Blames Mass Exodus On School Resumption





Biya Regime Escapes Lock-down Realities, Blames Mass Exodus On School Resumption

By Mbah Godlove

La Republique du Cameroun’s (LRC) colonial governors in the Southern and Northern zones have badly been hit by the impending shutdown of Ambazonia.

In a bit to defend the barbaric government of octogenarian long time serving President Paul Biya, over several thousands of Southern Cameroonians fleeing homeland, Governors Lele Lafrique Adolphe and Okalia Bilai Bernard of the two zones have on separate outings revealed that the population living Ambazonia are students who had been on vacation.

On Sunday August 25, the colonial administrator of the Northern zone intimated on Cameroon Calling, a radio program on CRTV, that all those living his region were holiday makers who were returning to school. Forty eight hours later, his colleague of the Southern zone pointed out that all those moving out of Buea and Kumba were students who had to go and prepare for the upcoming academic year.

The LRC agent was speaking during a short visit to the Buea Mile 17 car station where thousands began queuing up last week to leave that part of the country.

Some locals have told BaretaNews that they are living Ambazonia due the atrocities perpetrated by the brutal military of La Republique. It remains uncertain why the two governors have resorted to saying the travellers are students but predictions are that they want to rescue the face of their master Paul Biya over his inability to withstand the September 2-6 and 9-13 lock down of Ambazonia.

Since the inception of the Ambazonia war of independence in 2016, the two colonial governors of Northern and Southern zones have often demeanly addressed Southern Cameroonians as dogs and rats.

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