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Erstwhile Buea Mayor Dead! But Still Wills Power?



Erstwhile Buea Mayor Dead! But Still Wills Power?

By Mbah Godlove.

Inhabitants of Buea, the heartland of Ambazonia say the former colonial mayor, Ekema Patrick Essunge is so patriotic that in his death he still tries to serve French Cameroun.

Triggered by recent happenings in Buea, some locals are nostalgic about the deceased Ekema Patrick who served the colonial regime with reverence.

From Malingo through the checkpoint to Soppo and then Bokwango, the regime of occupation is attempting to reinforce measures which the late Ekema Patrick tried fruitlessly.

His successor, David Namange flanked by French Cameroun soldiers is said to be preparing a crackdown on Ambazonians who respect Ghost Town operation on Monday, July 20.

“Any business person who does not open on Mondays will henceforth pay 25000CFA”, he told journalists in Buea recently.

Just like his predecessor, Ekema Patrick Essunge, struggled to obstruct Ambazonia’s freedom map and met his waterloo, pro-independence fighters in Buea, have entreated the present mayor to be very careful with the decisions he makes about the future of Southern Cameroonians.

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