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Norway Government Agrees To Facilitate Negotiations, AGovC Appoints Two Norwegian Professors



*Norway Government Agrees To Facilitate Negotiations, AGovC Appoints Two Norwegian Professors*

The Cameroun press has since a week now engaged in a spree of sabotage against Norway and Belgian governments in a move to target Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas and Mark Bareta. Now we know why the Cameroun government has gone into a panic mode. Dr. Ayaba Cho in a recent release has stated that since the Cameroun got wing of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry involvement in facilitating negotiations between AGovC and Swiss Foreign Ministry, the Cameroun government has increased its attack mode just to sabotage the process. Dr. Ayaba Cho in his release made a couple of revelations that should be applauded including the appointment of Norwegian Professors to advice the AGovC on how to deal with the monster Cameroun. Read the entire text below


Statement to the Ambazonian People

My fellow Ambazonians

There has been official discussions between the Norwegian Foreign Ministry and the Swiss Foreign Ministry and the Norwegians have agreed to facilitate talks between the Leadership of The AGoVC and the Swiss Foreign Ministry. The Swiss have indicated their desire for bilateral discussions without a third party. We reject this proposition . Before our experts enter into any discussions, the Vice President and the Secretary for Foreign Affairs will officially demand that the Swiss seek and Obtain a UN General Assembly Resolution officially mandating them and an Ambazonia Guarantor to facilitate Camerouns surrender.

In the last days Cameroun papers and Tv have engaged in a smear campaign against your leadership. We are aware that Norwegian involvement has been leaked to Yaounde. I have provided the above information because we are aware that Cameroun is already aware and has been using it to smear the Norwegians and Belgians. They are living their last days as masters of our destiny. We will not blink until they are put in their place.
On another note, pursuant to the provisions of article 64 of the AGOVC Charter l have appointed two Norwegian Professors of International Relations as advisors to my office. They will help provide expertise advice that will shape our policies as we deal with the international system

It’s also important to note that The European Institute for Peace that helped to educate our leaders on strategies of Negotiated Settlement has withdrawn from the process following international backing of the Swiss role. We have thanked them for their service and called on them to continue to play a role in our quest to restore our dignity and claim back our land.

My fellow Ambazonians

We are at the stage of recognition. We must build a disciplined force and provide political leadership that’s strategic.
You are a free people. Act like one. Stake your claim to the right to be free, happy and hopeful like all free people do. You have won your freedom through pain. You will make it a universal currency for all Ambazonians.

God bless the Homeland

Dr Cho Ayaba

President AGOVC

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