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Biya the “god”: We thank Him For Helping Song- Mama Fouda




Rigobert Song who suffered a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) on October 2, 2016, in Yaoundé, has been evacuated already to Paris on October 4th in a medical plane to continue his treatment.

In a Press Conference flanked by the Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma, Minister Mama Fouda, Minister of health declared “Rigobert Song had a stroke and was taken to CURY. Physicians at CURY have done the right thing for him to continue his treatment in Paris at the Pitié Salpêtrière hospital, I would say thank you to the head of state President Paul Biya who gave instructions to the government to initiate all necessary steps for the Rigobert Song support to not only be very effective but quick. “

Minister Mama Fouda added that “Rigobert Song is not out of danger yet, but he will continue treatment in France.”

The Minister we are told spent the Press briefing heaping Praise on the head of state for his personal involvement in the matter. The Minister who acknowledged the Cameroon medical personnel only once in his Press briefing proved again how Cameroonian officials think when it concerns Biya.

CPDM officials have always seized the opportunities when it presents itself to sing praises to Biya even if it does not warrant it. The money used to evacuate Song to Europe is taxpayers money and not Biya’s.

God is still saying something.

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