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No Going To Europe, I Still Believe In Cameroon’s Medical Training- Fru Ndi



“I want to tell Cameroonians that good medical institutions exist in Cameroon that can deliver. I did not apply for any money to be evacuated. They evacuated my wife and I have never been evacuated by anybody. The quality of medical work done by Mission Hospitals can be compared to what happens in Europe. I trust the doctors.”

Social Democratic Front, SDF, Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, who was recently hospitalized for a week at Shisong in Kumbo said his health is not a secret. His stay at the hospital had stirred anxiety in the Region and beyond. Fru Ndi himself confirmed the rumours of his ill health on CRTV airwaves.

John Fru Ndi on Friday, September 30, said that, his health cannot make him to stay away from public or politics, adding that Cameroon’s mission hospitals have all that top officials look for in Europe each time they take ill.

Fru Ndi was rushed to Shisong hospital on request and when the news went viral, he, of his own accord told Cameroonians of his health issues and where he was.

“There is no lightening without rainfall. As a farmer, I know when the dry season is approaching. I know because trees start shedding their leaves. In my life, there should be that leaf shedding. When it happens to the tree, they cannot hide it, and so why should I? One must be ill to get well, and when you get well after an illness, that’s when you appreciate God more,” stated Fru Ndi.

On what had taken him to hospital Fru Ndi said: “I was sick; my doctor said I was sick, and I needed medical attention. The illness that takes away souls is not that which is serious. If I am discussing my illness with you, it should be that I am home and healthy and as a human being, I have the right to let the people know I am sick or I am well”. Given that political icons like Fru Ndi would normally have been evacuated to Europe for medical attention, he averred that he rather preferred to be treated within his native Northwest Region.

“I have personal doctors and they attend to me. I feel proud to have received medical care in Cameroon. I am proud that what people pay flights to obtain in European countries for FCFA 15 million; I have had it in Nso for less than a million. I often do regular checkups at Mbingo Baptist Hospital, Presbyterian Eye Department and others and I am satisfied. Why should I travel overseas now?

I am one person who believes in medical training in Cameroon. They could lack equipment and that does not mean we do not have doctors and specialists in Cameroon,” averred Fru Ndi.

“I do not feel I have given too much to Cameroonians. I tour the country several times more than any politician in Cameroon, I chair NEC meetings and I make political interventions. What is life if not for the interest of the people? So long as I breathe, I shall and I will continue to attend to the people until death calls” said Fru Ndi. To emphasize his point, Fru Ndi has vowed to show up for farm work this Sunday at his native village Baba I “I am going to the village this Sunday. I have many flowers awaiting planting. At 75, they have started me. It shows that I am getting towards my end. I should polish up and make sure that I work harder,” intimated Fru Ndi.

This Post has been culled from the Rambler in parts.

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