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Biya Disguise As “Mallam” Visits Mankon Fon with Dampullo




A very close source reveals that the landlord of the Unity Palace at Etoudi came calling on the traditional authority of the great Mankon people of the Northern Zone on the night of Wednesday breaking Thursday last week. The insider said an helicopter kept roaming the skies of Abakwa as early as 01:00AM Thursday morning which finally landed at the Mile 8 Bamenda-Bafut Airport. The old father of Etoudi disguised as a “maguida”/Moslem from the North was accompanied by the land grabber of Sabga Alhadji Baba Danpullo a.k.a. Ndawara. Biya Bi-Mvondo Bartholomew came to consult the 1st Vice President of the CPDM party in that capacity and secondly as a senior 1st Class traditional authority and custodian of the traditions and customs of the people of Mankon-Bamenda, capital city of the the Northern Zone of Ambazonia on ways to solve the current crisis rocking the two zones of the Southern Cameroons.


My source further quipped that upon arrival at the Mankon palace esplanade that night, Biya Bi-Mvondo remained in his car with his entire etat major while the business magnate Baba Danpullo entered the presence of HRM S.A.N Angwafor III with whom the had an exchange. Baba Danpullo is reported to have asked HRM what could be done and how he can contribute to solve the current crisis rocking the English-speaking regions of the Federal Republic of Cameroon. HRM responded instantly and in very bold & clear terms that it is too late, he can’t help in any way, the people are angry. When they offered an olive branch, the government neglected, ignored & dispised them and instead continued with further arrests and detentions, with some reported to have disappeared. His Majesty went further to state that he’s afraid of the repercussions that may befall him and the palace which doesn’t belong to him but to the people of Mankon-Bamenda and all the inhabitants of the zone as a whole.


After this, Baba Danpullo then proceeded to ask HRM if these were exactly the same words/response he’d give had he had the opportunity to stand before the so-called head of state Biya Bi-Mvondo. HRM responded emphatically in the affirmative and at that instant, Biya Bi-Mvondo was ushered in who at once removed the veil on his head and asked for a brief moment with HRM.

Both were left for a minute after which HRM asked to enter his chambers, a trip he took never to return to see Biya Bi-Mvondo again. After waiting in vain, Baba Danpullo hurriedly organized his entourage who hurriedly departed from the Mankon palace between 02:30-03:00AM that Thursday morning. It should be recalled that Baba Danpullo announced that the traditional authority of Sabga seeks the company of his colleague the Fon of Mankon. It should also be recalled that Biya Bi-Mvondo was made Fon of Fons of the NW soon after he took over from Ahmadou Ahidjo as head of state at the birth of the CPDM party at the Bamenda Congress Hall in 1984.

The government of LRC is desperately at the verge of collapse as every fabric of the government machinery seems to be tearing apart. As at press time, several desperate measures are being put in place to hold the broken pieces together.
But all we can say is, “too late Hewitt”.

Ufa Ugynns
Batibo LGA
Momo County
Northern Zone.

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