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The Divisional Officer.,

C/o. The Attorney General,
South-West Region
Re: “Restitution of Lawyers Gowns and Wigs”

We acknowledge receipt of your correspondence dated the 02nd day of December 2016 in which you transmitted a letter through the Attorney General for the South-West Region on the above-referenced matter.

We are glad that you have identified yourself as a culprit by admitting that you are in keeping of the Wigs and Gowns which were seized from the lawyers without a warrant by a rampaging police force under your command and control on the 10th day of December 2016. The said Wigs and Gowns have been in your keeping ever since.

By your admission, you and your supposed “Anti-Riot” forces have constituted yourselves as the Prime suspects in the gruesome crimes committed on lawyers and other citizens in Buea in the month of November 2016.

You carried out the crimes of Assault, torture, deprivation of property rights, violation of the Chambers of lawyers, rape, and other heinous human rights abuses.

These are crimes against humanity. In their prosecution, one of the cardinal pieces of evidence that will be used against you and your anti-riot force will be those Wigs and Gowns. It is, therefore, preposterous for you to summon lawyers to come ‘identify and collect’ same. You are attempting to lure Lawyers to conspire with you to dissipate vital incriminating evidence.

It is, therefore, our view that at this stage where investigations are still ongoing, it is premature to talk about restitution of Wigs and Gowns as if nothing happened.
In a state of law, due process is more important than the final outcome. That is what the Common Law is all about.

We therefore formally demand a full and independent investigation into the atrocities of the 10th in November 2016. We demand that all the culprits be brought to justice. Then and only then can the issue of wigs and gowns be addressed.

Sincerely yours.
Ebah Ntoko

The Attorney y General,
South-West Region

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