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The 1 Percent Facebook Republic That Will Shut Presidential Elections Down









On Election Of Joshua Osih as SDF Presidential Candidate

Ndifor Richard posted and claimed it is time for a change and when questioned by a fellow SDF Councillor that the SDF party has lost touch with the base, Ndifor boasted that it is the less than 1% percent Facebook base. According to him, the noise makers on Facebook are just 1% percent.

My response to Richard.

I think we are wrongly understanding the political situation in the Cameroons and what is currently going on. Ndifor Richard is looking and getting excited at the crowd in the convention just like his brother Nchem Rudolf who claimed that because a little less than 2000 delegates came from both Cameroons converged in Bamenda means the people want peace, unity and elections. It will be very naive for any one to think so and forget so soon what is actually going on in Ambazonia

Let me not delve into the conduct of the said elections in which all its structures from ELECAM, to Supreme Court and now a constitutional council are all made up of die heart CPDM officials, if the SDF thinks in any normal scenario they can beat the CPDM with its thieving machinery and even after loosing its political base then they are in for a big joke.

Let me very clear, it will be much easy to hold a confined conclave as they just did and even more very easy to hold a senatorial elections which will see councillors in a confined secured room than an open parliamentary or presidential elections. That elections most especially the Presidential and Parliamentary will hold only in la Republique but if Richard and Rudolf think that our people will go out to vote in an election which is already known then they are dreaming. If they think our people will ignore the mayhem, rape, destruction, genocide and both internal/external refugees situation to go out and vote then they must have smoked something else.

Richard should know that the very Facebook 1% base he is referring to has held this country hostage for two years going. It has destabilise the military, get it on its heels like never done before in the history of the Cameroons. That 1% made Richard’s SDF convention venues changed twice, it made sure the SDF required and demanded la Republique security man power who are armed to the teeth to secure the SDF convention like never done before. That 1% removed the biggest crowds across both zones in two different dates (September 22; October 1st) last year ever registered in the political history in the Cameroons. That move shaken the very core of the regime. Shut the mouth of the SDF and any other political gathering. That 1% removed people from all villages, communities. That 1% has killed the NW/SW divide. It had given the people of former British Southern Cameroons Self pride, hope and that 1% percent will bring change to the people of Ambazonia.

This very Facebook 1% Richard is insinuating is not yet tired. It’s energy and anger only increases especially as it sees that the SDF is prepared to bury the aspirations of the people who have lost their souls and much more. This Facebook 1% will fiercely fight and meet anyone coming to campaign in our communities with fire and fury. The environment will be gory for everyone. Richard and his friends should rejoice now for holding a highly controversial, unpopular and secured convention. If for one second they think, this convention is a pass to hold Presidential elections in Ambazonia then I am sorry, we still have not understood what is actually going on in our land. We are not done yet.

Let the bell rings to those who want to hear. I will be back.

Mark Bareta

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