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The Anglophone crisis is a Cameroonian problem

Some Cameroonians think that, the current crisis is purely that of the people of West Cameroon aka Ambazonia. And it is a colossal mistake that we may all be making. Since the current crisis poses an existential threat to what is called Cameroon , it simply means that we like it or not, the current crisis is a Cameroonian problem. And it will not be solved by force as some people are advocating. The BIR or Rapid Intervention Brigade, will meet it Waterloo and battle of Trafalgar in west Cameroon if Yaound√© opts for a war they can’t win.

West Cameroonians don’t want special recruitment into any state elite school. They no longer want all the sovereign ministerial posts that has eluded them for 56 years. What they need now is another Foumban conference to examine the form of the state of Cameroon.

Is it going to be a two states federation , confederation or decentralized state with West Cameroon having its territorial assembly in Buea to manage its affairs as Tony Blair’s devolution of power produced in the UK?

Those are the questions and this explains why, in spite all the lies churned out of state media and some so-called private media, classes haven’t fully resumed in West Cameroon. Are they above, not a Cameroonian palaver? Why is it that, on most so-called private TV channels, Anglophone are not invited but ignorant Francophones who know nothing about anglophones?

I must point out that, among privately owned media houses, only Spectrum Television and Equinox Radio and TV do invite Anglophones to talk about their crisis.

The others do invite Francophone Cameroonian so-called intellectuals, who lie with out shame and tend to want to at best minimise the problem or want to equate the crisis in Yabassi or Ngambe to that of West Cameroon .

The only problem that Cameroon now have is that, Paul Biya has ran out of options or solutions and he is now only obsessed like Mobutu,, to remain in power, that is why, the count down to Cameroon becoming second DRC, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia starts next year as soon as Paul Biya is reelected.

Elie smith

Senior Human Rights Journalist

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