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mass murder scheme in ambazonia



BaretaNews Updates: What makes news

1. We learned of the attack of CDC workers in Tiko by unidentified men. We condemned in the strongest possible terms these actions which goes against the conduct of the reason we are into this war. We call on the Fako Restoration Forces for once and for all put in place, mechanisms to stop those carrying these acts. It is not Ambazonian and it will never be.

2. Six Cameroun Gendarmes who were reportedly under intensive treatment in Dschang after gun battle between Cameroun occupational forces and Ambazonia fighters in a locality called Mbelenka, Lebialem County have finally died. Ambazonia fighters are said to have seized one gun and one helmet from them.

3. The so-called pictures of Tchad soldiers making rounds on social media as new forces sent to join Cameroun Forces are fake. Those pictures were first published in 2013, January 29th and they were going to Mali. Biya is increasingly being isolated by the international community. However, our self defense forces must be 247 on high alert at all times

4. Reports say the lone Cameroun Gendarmerie post in Lebialem has been attacked.

5. Discard any reports about Field Marshal and General Nambere. Cameroun agents are stepping up their propaganda to psychologically beat us as the pressure on Cameroun increases

6. Reports coming from Matazen at Santa toll gate says massive Gun Firing there has sent passengers, military and vendors into total confusion and pandemonium

7. Bali must remain vigilant tonight. We are told Cameroun forces have been deployed on foot in civilian attire into the village.Reports say many more are mobilizing at their base in Njenka. This is surely in reaction to the casualties they suffered at the Bali courtyard today evening.

8. Intelligence reports that Cameroun forces are changing strategy. We now hear that they want to avoid shooting in towns, cities and villages . They will now engaged in silently picking restoration forces for execution. They already started in Buea. Restoration forces going out for civilian duties must be very vigilant, watchful. Our girls who date military men must be careful too and stop.

9. “Towns and villages in Cameroon’s restive Anglophone regions are being deserted as battles rage between separatists and the country’s military. The fighting intensified after President Paul Biya’s New Year’s message in which he insisted that his military would neutralize separatists who refuse to lay down their arms.A senior Cameroon military official, who did not wish to be named, warns in a report that visiting the mostly deserted northwestern town of Kumbo he will need military protection. ” VOA News, America reports

10. Southern Cameroonians across the globe are mobilising for the big global campaign on January 5th, 2019 to call for the release of all Southern Cameroonians in jail as well as their leaders abducted from Nigeria. Everyone is enjoin to contact their country representatives for updates

Mark Bareta

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bonnie

    January 3, 2019 at 11:25 PM

    Number 1-5 news is weakness as a Ambazonia reporter,when have you ever seen crtv condemning their lrc forces attrocities? why do you people blame Amba boys when Atanga ekema mosunge boys are committing atrocities in the name of Amba boys? you Ambazonians are so quick to condemn your own achievements,what you need to news is success,condemn lrc,speak good about your own people,is a CDC worker more important than those killing and maime by lrc terrorists on a daily basis? bad things happen during war,give our own self defense encouragement instead of distances one’s self toward un-investigated news,lrc never investigate their brutal army,why castigate your own?please stop all these too goody good shoes,these are the reason Ambazonians are in this mess,to soft,blame game,not speaking as one,feeling sorry for their oppressor,evil people take advantage of kindness.

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