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BaretaNews Review: What the week says (July 25-31)



BaretaNews Condemned

BaretaNews henceforth every Sunday evening shall give highlights of all news related event of the week that just ended. This will help those who one way or the other missed certain aspects of the week. The week began with the Cameroons 2018 Presidential candidate Dr. Nfor N Susungi who still admires John Fru Ndi. He went on to say Fru Ndi might still have a Mosaic role to play, that is why God choice fell on Fru Ndi who was just a bookseller to undertake the Mosaic mission even though he spoke no French and did not read the books that he sold. But wherever he stood up crowds came and listened to him.

BaretaNews went on to announced the convention bounces of Donald Trump after the GOP convention. The majority (52%) of polls said Trump is running for president for the good of the country rather than personal gain, with 44% saying the same about Clinton. He also increased the share of those who called him honest and trustworthy (from 38% to 43%), and those who would be proud to have him as president (from 32% to 39%). 68% said Clinton is not honest and trustworthy, her worst rating on that measure in CNN/ORC polling

There was also a public outrage against Tapang Ivo, Cameroons Fullbright Security Analyst who called for a remark of the 2016 GCE Exams. Tapang wanted the 2016 GCE suspended and investigated. He said so due to a purported video which showed how the marking was done. It showed how one examiner virtually did not read the scripts but offers marks

Mola Njoh Litumbe, one of the most credible voices of the Southern Cameroons movement took the spotlight when it was revealed he would be in the Buea Court on Tuesday, 26th July 2016 to listen to the charges brought against 15 Southern Cameroonians whose only crime was that they sat to discuss issues affecting the state of the Union.


There was also fun time and bad blood on social media when Malik Obama, Obama’s brother said that he’s annoyed that Clinton and President Obama killed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, whom he called one of his best friends and declared that he is going to vote for Donald Trump


We also received some bad news when the Douala Ports Manager, Oyono died In France. He has been facing allegations of embezzlement and mismanagement while at the helm of the ports authority.


BaretaNews then went on to celebrate one of their own, Mambe Churchill Nanje. He was declared our hero. He is a software engineer who has developed a platform where Africans from any corner of the world searching for jobs in any countries in Africa could do so just by creating a profile. Hence, one could receive job notifications that match your profile and you can as well apply. He had been profiled by BBC, the Guardian UK, Forbes etc. BaretaNews celebrated him.


ENAM administration then tried to sanitized the school by expelling 5 students caught cheating. It then followed with the adjournment of the court case against Southern Cameroonians brought to court to July 27th, 2016.

We were then shocked with the state of the roads in the North West Region, especially Bamenda city. We declared that the ring road which President Paul Biya personally promised to tar more than ten years ago still languishes in bad shapes. Yet, the CPDM selfish and greedy elites from the region and the city have been one of those to be the first to rally a call for Paul Biya to change the constitution in 2008, run in 2011 and are still calling on him to run in 2018. Bamenda is indeed a forgotten city.

Cameroonians were then faced with the biggest scam of the week. The offering of laptops to University students. Cameroonians reacted negatively to the news. Mr. Callit Fjg wrote ” Let’s assume that there are 500000 university students in Cameroon as reported by this article. Let’s also assume that a single laptop cost somewhere in the region of fcfa 100,000, therefore, implies that Biya would be spending circa fcfa on this project. Couldn’t Biya have invested fcfa to improve the general state of Cameroon Internet service that would have benefitted 22 million Cameroonians rather than 500.000 students?


On a sad note, we then saw the dead of Cameroonian singer Achalle who died in Limbe General Hospital South West Region after liver failure. May he RIP.

Paul Biya then moved to save the face of the CAMAIRCO by signing a decree that offers CAMAIRCO to an American BOEING Company pumping 60 billion into its operations. The company is said to safeguard the face of the failing Cameroun company.

BaretaNews also celebrated the one year anniversary of akwajobs, an online job searching and internship agency in the Cameroons. Koffi Olomide purported arrest also saw one of his fans Gil Ekane claiming Koffi suffered from a Crooked Judiciary. He wrote “Just hours after Koffi was arrested sources reported that he was sentenced to several months of imprisonment and taken to prison right after the court process. No, that’s not how the legal system works. What kind of speedy assault process was that? That was purely a crooked judicial process…”


The government of Cameroon went hard against Churches. Governors were instructed to fight noise pollution by cracking down on illegal churches. Hundreds of Churches are in the country without authorization. Some have been exploiting their members. The government also said that some are a threat to social peace.


The Ambazonia Governing Council Chairman Ayaba Cho Lucas in the wake of the continued arrest, molestation of Southern Cameroonians addressed a letter to the UN to appoint a special rapporteur on torture to investigate . BaretaNews also did report on the fights between Buea Mayor and Human Right Commissioner, SWR Tambe Tiku. In a letter copied to the Prime Minister and Head of Government, the Human Right Commissioner lambasted the Mayor of Buea for being adulterously corrupt. He also attacked the educational credentials of the Mayor.


There was fun time, laughter and serious debate on social media between Trump and Clinton supporters as a video emerged during Hillary Clinton acceptance speech showing the former US president seemed dosing off – perhaps already dreaming of a return to the White House. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wasted no time to bounce back after the DEM Convention with a 6- percentage-point lead over Republican rival Donald Trump after Trump led her.

In our Saturday social corner, our social columnist Lilly Mbinglo gave a talked about marriage with the titled: HAVE YOU WORKED ON YOU? she asked series of questions amongst which she wrote ” If you love girls’ night out or guys’ night out, that is fine, but work on limiting them from every weekend to once a month if possible. Reason being, most of your life will be spent at home, dealing with everyday stuff. Being mentally prepared for those evenings when your friends are hanging out and you can’t join them is extremely important. Your spouse needs to become your best friend, so prepare your mind for that transition so you don’t have to feel trapped once you do it. Sometimes, there are married people living like single people; married men or women at every bar or nightclub from Thursday evening to Sunday night. You can’t build a happy home that way…”


We revealed a Cameroonian who designed a Helicopter. The designer who is born and breed in Kumbo is now resident in the USA for studies. He said the Cameroun government had no hand or support in his project. Instead, support is coming from the USA. BaretaNews imagines an independent Southern Cameroons, with a rich government could have sponsored the project. We went ahead to celebrate this month’s Miss Natural Beauty Queen Pageant organised by Miss Vicky Fokala, CEO FG touch. We were glad to announce that Mr. Akame Gerald from Belgium gladly announced he will be sponsoring the next month (August) contest.



And our finest columnist analyst, Mr. Callistus Funjong analyse the CamairCo deal and concluded that the company has been ‘SEQUESTRATED’ by Boeing. All the revenue and profit will go to the Yankees and not to Cameroon .

It was a boom as the week ended on Sunday, 31st 2016 with Mr Nde Emmanuel, Cameroon’s first openly young atheist speaking on his experiences as a Christain cum atheist challenges some critical thoughts. Amongst others, he wrote ” God very much didn’t lead by example….The character of the Biblical God violates the law of non-contradiction, which means either God doesn’t exist or someone has a lot of explaining to do……The same 10 commandments he wants us to obey; he failed to obey some according to the bible…..I was a Christian and doing good not because of the blood His only son shed on the cross for me, sang and danced kumbayah and shouted hallelujah nor did I gave my tithes for the sake of goodness. I was doing it for me. I was afraid of the consequences if I didn’t.”. His article brought fierce argument on Facebook.


BaretaNews ended the week with a great news from the USA. Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee who ran against Obama and lost has said that he thinks Trump could win in November. Recalled that Romney has still not endorse Trump. He has been one of the fierce critics of Donald Trump.This is typical of politicians. Republicans will, however, come around.


Thank you all

God is still saying something.













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