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The Dublin Declaration: A BaretaNews Analysis



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The Dublin Declaration: A BaretaNews Analysis

On Saturday, March 23rd, 2019, the executive members of the Ambazonia Governing Council-AGovC and Ambazonia Defense Forces-ADF met in Dublin, Ireland where they sent out what they referred as the Dublin Declaration. BaretaNews had earlier published the summary of the declaration. Today, our political desk will attempt to give an analysis of the said declaration.

It is fair to say that, the fact that several groups exist in the Southern Cameroons Revolution has both its pros and cons. One of the advantage is that, the enemy Cameroun will have to bribe all the groups, movements or institutions to have their way. Therefore, having multiple fronts in an independence struggle rather than a single one assures the success of such revolution. The major disadvantage is that synchronization sometimes fails to happen and leads to multipolar positions which becomes sometimes difficult to manage, but may be advantageous on the negotiation table in favour of Southern Cameroons. However, multiple groups could be an advantageous if they are seen to collaborate and complement each other. In South Africa, though the ANC was the leading movement against apartheid, they had over 20 other groups, yet they understood why they were fighting, they cooperated and through them they ensure the existence of their revolution until it was successful. The same is true with other liberation movements across the globe. The difference with ours is that, we have become so polarised, filled with identity politics to such a point where, even to collaborate is becoming difficult. And this prolongs our struggle, offers a resting window for the enemy. We do not need to be one, we only need to collaborate and complement each other where our strength and weaknesses are noted.

Thus, the Dublin declaration may have sent some chills down the spine of Cameroun. Cameroun hates hardliners and people who do not seem to compromise. Cameroun authorities perceived the AGovC as the extremists, the hardliners amongst all, a person that will be difficult to bend. It is a plus in our revolution. The only vexing issues is that these potentials of the AGocV have not been useful in terms of collaborating and synergising with others.

After reading the Dublin Declaration, BaretaNews can confidently say that only two aspects of the declaration is the point of importance. The others remain the usual rhetorics we have been used to. We have heard most of those lines over and over and the people seem to be over with that. They want to see real actions, both on the ground and the diaspora that takes the revolution forward.The use of big terms, grammar, its are sweet to the ears, it uplifts the spirit of some but dies down almost immediately. The AGovC must make available in PDF form the exact Dublin Declaration for historical and archival sake, so that the exact words and statements could be known. For now, it was mixed with the usual rhetorics.

However, three most important points caught our attention which we hope the AGovC will follow it through so that it becomes to be manifesting. The only new things in that declaration are:

1. To formally work hard to declare the people of Southern Cameroons as endangered species. If this point finally sales through, it will be a big win for the people of Ambazonia as the first big steps towards our recognition as a people. We must also note that TPS (Temporal protective status) is only granted to endangered nations like Southern Cameroons, because of the toll of death. It was given to Sierra Leone and Liberia during their war. Their citizens were granted papers not on asylum, but on TPS. So, if the AGovC succeeds in this regards, it will a big step ahead for all Ambazonians

2. The Dublin Declaration makes it clear in simplest term that the AGocV is now ready to receive support, including financial from the Kamto’s led team who have declared themselves as an alternative government in Cameroun. This will become possible only if they recognise the sovereignty of Ambazonia in a win win scenario. We give you Cameroun, We have our Ambazonia. In strict political terms, pundits will say that the AGocV could not have made this statement without being approached. It seems back ground talks have been going on and the condition they give the Kamto led team is that if we must collaborate, you must recognise the independence of Ambazonia. BaretaNews thinks that this condition may have been a big “FuFu” to swallow by the Kamto led team thus the AGovC is making it public to tell them they mean business

3. BaretaNews knows that many of us and even some activists have been saying that we must export the war into Cameroun. This is not the first time we have heard this. It is fair to say that Tapang Ivo Tanku since as Consortium leader and even as a far right Federalist have advocated that we must export the war to Cameroun. Eric Tataw recently in most of his shows have also threatened likewise. Sikod Judson brought a slogan of ATM also proposing same. In fact, Sikod has been on Mark Bareta’s ass as far as during Consortium days that this war must be taken into Cameroun. Many Ambazonians have written to Mark Bareta saying the same thing. And so the AGocV statement by taking the war into Cameroun is not new but it is different and significant. It is different because as far as we are concerned, we were expressing opinions and views, which at that time some of the AGovC opposed. The difference is that, the declaration of AGovC now is an expressed policy and not an opinion. To them, it has now become a strategy and policy to be enforced by them and partners. This now means that they must have had international lawyers have looked into it, because the prospect of crossing the Mungo is another ball game which needs international lawyer’s advice. To attack assets or training ground in Cameroun which are enabling or sponsoring the Genocide in Southern Cameroons is now a necessity.

We hope that the Dublin Declaration is followed through, especially the three most important points stated above. It is our wish that this BaretaNews analysis of the Dublin Declaration may have satisfied the understanding of our +124.000 followers on Facebook, +13.000 on Twitter +50 groups on whatsapp and +2M active readers on our BaretaNews website etc

Mark Bareta
CEO BaretaNews

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