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How Could Issa Tchiroma Say That?








The colonial regime in Yaoundé is doing everything at their disposal to win the sympathy of the international community. This is by staging the kidnap of foreign nationals and trying link their heinous acts to restoration fighters. Of course, the world has been watching the genocidal activities and the mayhem they are currently executing in Ambazonia. The colonial President declared the war on Ambazonia and they are now looking for avenues to justify their atrocities. How far will they go with this new anti-revolutionary strategy?

It’s like they succeeded in their first attempt, but the second one has failed woefully. BaretaNews has now come to the knowledge that the Tunisian road engineers and some La Republique citizens recently abducted in the Southern zone of Ambazonia and later released after an alleged gun battle between the abductors and colonial forces of LRC was a staged dramatic hand work of the Yaoundé regime. They intentionally killed one of the abductees to make their concocted story real before the international community. That’s why the public, up till date is still to see the bodies of the four purportedly killed restoration forces which the colonists claimed exchanged fire with their terrorists forces during their so-called rescue mission.

BaretaNews has learned that the staged kidnap of the Tunisian nationals was an act by the regime to win the sympathy of the government of Tunisia and the diplomatic community, following the seizure of a Douala-bound ship by the Tunisian government. The said ship as reported by international news sources was carrying ammunition bought by the regime from Russia, to be used in the execution of their genocidal agenda in Ambazonia. The evil regime, thus needed to do something and that could possibly attract the sympathy of the Tunisian government and get their ammunition laden ship released.

The second attempted kidnapped mafia by the evil regime through its war propaganda Minister, Isa Tchiroma Bakary, was on two days ago, with some Italian and Swiss tourists.

Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary, had revealed Tuesday April 3, 2018 that restoration forces abducted the European tourists on Monday but that they were later released thanks to intervention of colonial terrorist forces.

However, the tour operator to a group of the said European tourists who were visiting the twin lakes in Kupe County of Ambazonia, has revealed that they were not kidnapped by Restoration fighters as lied by the colonial government.

According to Reuters the group, African Adventures said its clients had simply been stopped on Monday by a group of armed individuals who carried out a check of their documents and vehicles and shortly after their departure, the colonial forces arrived. None of its members was subjected to violence and all were doing well.

The leader of the AGG Cho Ayaba, told Reuters that his group, the “ADF, does not take hostages. ADF arrests enablers and collaborators and does not arrest foreigners.”

How then could Tchiroma say such an open lie as if the tourists were not alive to say exactly what happened to them in Amba territory? Restoration forces have proven to be civilized fighters, very civilized than the trained terrorists of LRC due Cameroun.

With these kidnap mafias currently going on, Ambazonian leaders and fighters must be very careful not to claim responsibility of what they haven’t done on ground especially relating to such foreign abductions. It could only be counterproductive revolutionary wise.

James Agbor

Political Analyst – BaretaNews

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