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Don’t use my name, I will comment in 2018- Joshua Osih



Penal Code Revision: I Cannot in Good Conscience Vote this Law - Joshua Osih

Recalled that, On July 14th, the Cameroons media reported the possible endorsement of Hon Joshua Osih as the 2018 SDF Presidential candidate. The purported reports suggested Ni John Fru Ndi will endorse Osih as the candidate. However, the information did not go well with party bigwigs. Mr. Vanigansen MoChiggle, Shadow Minister for Internal Affairs, Social Democratic Front (S.D.F ) in an article titled ” REBUTTAL PROBABLE ENDORSEMENT OF HON JOSHUA OSIH AS S.D.F PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE ” denies and shames media report of any moves within the party. Amongst others, he wrote: ” An online publication Cameroon Journal has asserted that an authoritative source within the S.D.F who requested anonymity hinted that there is negotiation between a so-called group of wise men of the party to cause the National Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi to ordain the party’s 1st Vice National Chairman Hon Joshua Osih as the S.D.F presumptive presidential candidate for 2018 presidential election. This story is the imagination of a news organ in search of notoriety. The organs and the structures of the party are clearly spelt in the party’s constitution. In no section of the Constitution do we have nomenclature as “wise men “.


On Saturday 30th July, the SDF had a National Executive Meeting. BaretaNews notes that during the meeting a lot of issues were discussed which affected the life of the country and the party. In line with the purported media report of Osih becoming the 2018 SDF Presidential candidate, it has been reported that Osih during the NEC meeting declared that his name is being used to destabilize the party. He boldly stated that Cameroonians should wait for him in 2018 before he can substantially comment. It is reported Fru Ndi insinuated that some persons have come up with a group in Batibo with the name ” The young shall grow “. This group seems to be worrying the Chairman. Other NEC resolutions include:

– The SDF to petition the detention of former Ivorian president Laurent Gbagbo .

– The SDF called on the government to invest in industries that could manufacture computers rather than offering computers/laptops which may not last 2 months.

– The SDF Suspended the entire Littoral bureau . NEC would move to appoint an interim body.

– The SDF called for the amelioration of Human Rights conditions and chastised the government for criticizing the amnesty report.


In line with Honourable Joshua Osih declaration that some people are trying to destabilize the party, we of BaretaNews thinks that this is childish. No one is seeking to destabilize the SDF. The media want to see a strong opposition with a new head in the SDF. The continuous pushing of change in the opposition should spur the SDF most especially to have some critical thoughts. However, we hope to see something substantial in the SDF by February 2017 convention. It still pricks our mind why should Joshua want to only comment further in 2018. The SDF should start preparations now.

We are also happy the SDF has denounced the so-called laptops promised to University students. However, the SDF calls for the government to invest such monies on factories to manufacture computers is just not a possibility, at least not for the country we know now. Investing in health care, roads, agriculture, electricity, water, changing the educational system are all possibilities.

God is still saying something.

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