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BaretaNews Exclusive: The Masterminder Behind Ambazonian Leaders Abductions









Exclusive: The Master minder behind the Abductions of our leaders.

BaretaNews can now revealed this identify. Take note that this abduction is a complex process and we are still trying to unravel the extend to which it includes those within us. For now, the general in charge of this master plan is a Nigerian.

The man suspected to have masterminded the abduction of Ambazonia Leaders is retired General Lawal Jafaru Issa, a close confident of President Buhari who doubles as Buhari’s agent to Paul Biya.

He is the former Military Administrator of Kaduna State.
Leading Member of Arewa Consultative Forum (A Northern Political Lobbying Group). He is Leader of United Nigerian Forum (helped with election of Gen. Babanginda. A Former Director of PHB Bank and has been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Jan 2015 in connection into the alleged diversion of 2.1b $ meant to purchase arms by the Good luck Jonathan regime. He is alleged to have received from his very close friend Colonel Sambo Dasuki (Former National Security Adviser) over N100 million Nairas.

This man has Contested elections for his native state Kaduna and lost.

As we write through his lobbying group, he is the intermediary between Biya and Buhari. He is often at the Cameroun Presidency meeting if not with Biya, his top confidents. He shuttles between Etoudi and Aso rock on several occasions and that has doubled since our leaders declared independence.

This man after being approached by Biya for Nigeria to help with either the arrests or elimination of Ambazonia Leaders, he accepted the job. He used his connections despite no knowledge of Buhari knowing to organize the abductions but that was foiled. Buhari is now mad and government trying to cover up.

We are making this known so that we tell Yaounde we are aware of this man because Ambazonians intelligence is highly rooted in many corners. We are taking the pains to post his pictures because our intelligence sources are heavy.

Ambazonians should know that we are still unravelling the person(s) within us who worked with this guy and others within Nigeria security forces to carry out this diabolic plan. Our investigations is just beginning to unravel this very complex abduction that has made it impossible for us to see or know the exact location of our leaders for one week now.

Stay tuned with BaretaNews.

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