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Bamenda Ambazonia Fighters Vow To Die For Homeland



Bamenda Restoration Fighters Vow To Die For Homeland

By Mbah Godlove

As the struggle for the independence of Ambazonia soon turns four years, pro-independence fighters have pledged to defend the territory to the last man standing.

Despite recent incursions from the colonial forces of French Cameroun, the patriotic Ambazonia fighters have remained committed to the course, stressing that they either live free or die in the resistance.

During one of such French Cameroun’s incursions in Bamenda on Tuesday August 25, Ambazonia fighters rose up to the challenge as they took counter offensive measures to push the enemy to retreat.

Speaking to BaretaNews from Mankon recently, one of the fighters said their moral is very high, and that they are bent on achieving independence or nothing.

“Each time I face the enemy, I feel like facing them over and over, until our independence is granted,” he said.

Although no measure fatalities were recorded in Tuesday’s open confrontation, the pro-independence fighters pledged to protect the population while battling for the liberation of Ambazonia.

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