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Ayah Paul: Political Saint or Villain?




Recently, Cameroons Advocate General, Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine, Chairman of Popular Action Party, PAP has come under attack from a faction of supposed party militants who reportedly sacked him while hijacking the party. The disgruntled group has accused Ayah and called for the investigation of 30 million CFA entrusted to his care during the last Presidential elections. In a bid to clear the air, party militant Ngu Staphen Ngu wrote a detailed letter to BaretaNews. Hear him:

Mr Bara Mark, I held myself for a very long time, praying on Ayah to respond to this manipulation and dishonesty of the highest order but he hasn’t (which is usual of him when he confronts buffoonery) but since there are still some (most of whom are enemies of Ayah) who keep believing in the devil’s disciples, I feel obliged to come in here. I am a staunch Ayah fan, an idealist and objective one too, ready to spell out his wrongs and rights to his face. And on this occasion, please permit me present to you information on a history and most especially, on the internal affairs of the PAP (which crowds in Manyu, Lebialem, Meme, etc, also refer to as Paul Ayah’s Party)

It was formed in 1990 by Ayah Paul, the late Ngo and John Ndane (who is still alive) at his office at Buea with the aim of using it as an instrument or pressure group/lobby to foster the development of an abandoned South West Province. It participated at the tripartite conference as one of the rapporteur generaux, though Ayah (barred by his profession at the Judiciary by then from active politics) couldn’t participate. But from then on-wards, the PAP was never heard of, it died a natural death (much to the disgust and disappointment of Ayah). It was only until Ayah’s resignation from the CPDM following his refusal to adhere to the constitutional amendment of 2008 that gave Biya a life presidency bid (I need not remind anyone that he was the only then CPDM parliamentarian to vote against that bill, a remarkable achievement) that Ayah brought to the lamplight the PAP he had created in the early 90’, by holding up their flag in the 2011 presidential elections.

After that brief history, permit me get to the bottom line.

THE POST newspaper (which Ayah has dragged to court on grounds of defamation and constructive dishonesty) came up with that headline stating that AYAH IS UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR EMBEZZLING 30 MILLION CAMPAIGN FUNDS. Very interestingly, there is no detail, not even a mention of the details of that caption on the front page in the core of the write up. The writer writes on a completely different subject: YEARLY GRANTS TO THE PAP.

First, in relation to the 2011 presidential campaign, the PAP was given 15 million before elections and the same sum afterwards for having attained above 1 percent (the statutory minimum conferring to any party the second portion of the campaign funds). Bara Mark, can 30 million even carry out a successful campaign in just the south west region? You won’t believe me if I tell you how much debt Ayah contracted to commune with Cameroonians during that period. He was first to adopt the sms approach by which he sent over 200 thousand sms to Cameroonians (do your research brothers and you would get the truth). Over 10 thousand T- shirts were produced. Won’t talk of mufflers, face caps, brooches, the PAP project, over 500 thousand new party cards, over 25000 posters (which I printed myself), over 50000 small complementary party cards, etc. Mark, can you imagine just how much debt Ayah got himself into? You have no idea of it all.

Then came PAP USA branch who invited Ayah abroad for a tour in order to permit him commune with the Diaspora. Strangely enough, they imposed on Ayah after his return, the footing of their bills which Ayah in his divine generosity footed (You can guess the millions yourself). I can go on and on and on for an eternity.
Second, the POST claims militants (I don’t know if they even have a party card) proclaim that Ayah has embezzled yearly grants of about 4.5 million which the PAP receives. Wonders shall never end. You will be amazed at what you will hear .
When the first grant came in following the twin elections, ayah in his divine humility and transparency called a meeting of the National Executive and put the money on the tale before us all which we verified for a start and there was a debate as to what to do with the sum. People were divided between feasting all the cash, reducing Ayah’s debts which were in huge millions (I better not mention how much) and banking the money for the 2018 elections while using bits to run the party. But the Kumba faction ideology (all of whom are now the media’s own PAP) prevailed. All that money to the last dine was shared to all those who partook in the 2011 elections. Ayah himself got a barely 150 thousand (the records are there for whoever wants to verify). Following this madness, a restrained meeting was held by the council of the wise in which it was agreed that such madness will never repeat itself again. What about the millions of debt Ayah contracted, some of which were granted him by his immediate family and even shamefully, by some top PAP members at as much as 20, 25 and 30 percent monthly interest rates? (unbelievable, isn’t it?).
As a result, the Kumbe faction, bent on chopping all those moneys and letting Ayah die or rot in debt, got disgruntled and resort to Boko Haramian tactics believing this will get Ayah and the dedicated PAP members off gear. Sorry guys, that’s bullshit.

Here are my conclusions:

  1. I challenge you all to verify all these truths from the living witnesses while they are alive. Here are some top officials of the PAP you could contact (all of whom are on facebook) Mr. Akoson Raymond (the NC of PAP), Mr Abang Njousi (ASG PAP), Mme Tazifor (treasurer), Mr Oben Marcel (PRO), Mr Dennis Njang (RC Centre), Mr Ndille Francis (RP Kupe), Mme Anita (RC Ndian), etc.
  2. Ayah has run this party ENTIRELY from his pockets and at his expense. I repeat the word ENTIRELY. Anyone, including the executive member saying the country should come up and prove it. Nobody assisted him with a penny
  3. Ayah still has debts in millions to pay. He has been abandoned to himself even by the so called PAP executives. Who pays the debts?
  4. Did anyone hear of the PAP before 2008 when Ayah raised the profile of this party he formed in the 90s to where it is today? Isn’t it very shameful that some hungry and very dishonest individuals should claim they have some right to the unknown?

Mark, let anyone judge for himself if Ayah is an exceptional saint of what these CPDM dishonest fellows claim he is.

BaretaNews decided to publish this letter as a follow up to what this platform has been writing concerning this issue. Feel free to challenge it, write a response, BaretaNews shall happily publish.

God is still saying something.

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