Biya’s 289 Release Of Southern Cameroonians Is An Illusion-Kah Walla




Recent decisions taken by the Biya Regime may give the illusion to some that the regime is attempting to bring solutions to the Anglophone Crisis that has devastated our nation during the last two years.Unfortunately, these decisions are just that, an illusion. They in no way address the root causes of the crisis, nor attempt to bring justice to those whose rights have been violated during the last two years.


While the news that 289 of our fellow citizens will return to their homes and their families is salutary, the act which releases them is arbitrary and does not render justice. Since the beginning of this crisis, the Cameroon People’s Party has demanded the following of the Biya Regime:

1⃣ Account for the number of people who have died. As a nation, it is unacceptable that we do not name and account for our citizens who have died, be they civilians or members of the armed forces.

2⃣ Account for the number of people arrested. By the count of the various civil society organizations, including Stand Up For Cameroon to which the CPP belongs, the number of those arrested since October 2016 is well over 1,000. The vast majority were incarcerated without following due process of the law. The release of 289 detainees is impossible to assess or appreciate without the statistics on the total number of persons unjustly arrested.

3⃣ Free All Arrested and unjustly convicted. On August 31, 2017, Paul Biya in another of his incomprehensible, arbitrary decisions, freed 55 prisoners of the Anglophone Crisis while maintaining 74 incarcerated.

Those who were maintained in prison were then convicted and sentenced to inexplicably long sentences, most of them condemned to over 10 years in prison. It should be noted that these persons were arrested at a time when the fight for Anglophone rights was non-violent. The severe sentences that were pronounced are inexplicable. They reinforce the sense of injustice for all Cameroonians.

4⃣ In January 2018, the leaders of those fighting for the independence of the Anglophone regions of Cameroon were arrested in Nigeria. During this process, the Biya Regime once again violated the law:

> The legal extradition process by which these leaders were arrested in Nigeria is yet to be explained.

> Following their arrest, these leaders were held for many months without their families or lawyers being able to visit them, contrary to Cameroonian law.

5⃣ The law was violated in the arrest process of nearly all those detained and convicted to date, making their detention illegal. Many of those in prison have been violated, beaten and tortured at some point in their detention.

While we celebrate for the 289 citizens who have regained their freedom, it is clear that their release compounds injustice not only for all those who are still in prison or in holding cells, but even for the said individuals for whom no procedure for reparation or restitution has been outlined.

Join us at Stand Up For Cameroon as we fight without violence, but with purpose and resolve, for this nation which we rightly deserve.

For the Cameroon People’s Party Kah Walla National President

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ebonie

    December 20, 2018 at 11:03 PM

    Mrs Walla most of what you have written against the biya regime is right because all the southern Cameroonians in this struggle understand the evil intentions, manipulations, cosmetic solution and fake decrees,you talk of stand up without voilence,you are old enough to know that french Cameroon is not democratic, has no human rights of freedom,those who have always stood up without voilence ie Ambazonians in 2016, were met military brutalities,false imprisonment,shit at with life bullets,you know the regime uses colonial tactics to silence any grievances,no old political party in Cameroon can conquer the biya bribery, corrupt mafia CPDM,only voilence, shot us we shot you! will bring southern Cameroonians dialogue of independence, we swearto continue to fund and fight biya by gun and other means to let him get the message, praying for peace is weakness,only few southern Cameroonians such as yourself who has carried on for years taking biya’s bribes,a powerless party which has caused the suffering of millions today, you and other well known southern Cameroonians parties dance, eat and drink with Biya blood money, show no positive changed in Ambazonian, gave the butcher upper hand to steal,embezzle our resources and abuse the people, you, Fru are voiceless in this struggle, your comments, suggestions is taken as abusive and disrespect to the suffering people and love ones who are losing families in biya’s genocide, your ignorance and the fact that you do not represent this generations,stay in Douala,pretend to speak Cameroon french just to fit in,be bilingual in order to get recognition,favours from the regime,you have no pride as a southern Cameroonian if at all you are,born from a greedy wic rotten parents/ forefathers such as all the other traitors

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