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Aminatou Hits Back: I Am Not Slave To History



Aminatou Ahidjo, the new Chair of the Board of Directors of the Palace of Yaoundé Congress and activist and a member of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) has hit back at her opponents who criticise her for joining CPDM and accepting President Biya’s appointment. Speaking to CRTV, she lambasted those who think that she could be a slave to history.

She said on National TV that she is very happy and very moved with her new appointment. She lauded her father for inaugurating the congress hall on May 12, 1982. and that it is through her father’s spirit that she is happy to be the chair of the congress hall.



Recounting to her critics she said “I know that the task ahead is big and heavy. But serving this country, it’s so exciting that I still do not see what could make me anxious. I will fulfill my mission with energy, with courage, with determination, and with great humility. I think I could . It is a high mark of confidence the President had on me by appointing me Chairman of the Board. One thing I can tell through your microphone, it’s a thousand times thank you, Mr. Chairman. So really it’s so beautiful that the president has confidence in me”


Aminatou went on to praise the head of state ” The Head of State accepted that I returned to Cameroon. Once he accepted the child had found the father. The child does not have to see his father every day. But we know that the father is there. I think we should accept any servitude. I am not a slave to anything or anyone neither to the memory nor history. What matters is my freedom, it is an intellectual first and it forces me to build my own responsibility. It’s true, I am carrying a heritage which makes things difficult for me but I must make my way.


BaretaNews Statement:

We would say it again and again. On no account should President Ahidjo daughter joins Biya. She has a professional life. She could as well quietly continue with her life. We expected that the least thing she could be fighting since joining CPDM many years ago was to ensure her father’s remains return home and be given a befitting state burial. Anything less of that is political masturbation with the regime.


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