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The truth remains the truth and only it shall set you free. Truth should be told as it is, it should not be written to please humanity. It is the truth that prior to the scramble of Africa, there were no boundaries, Africa was a large vast area ruled by communities or fondoms/chiefdoms. These communities collaborated and fought wars amongst them sometimes. Then the scramble came and countries developed. The white man drew boundaries and today we have what we have, we must live with that. Thus every UN trust territory had the right to be self independent.
It so happened that, the politicians at the time with collaboration with the UN, Britain and France decided to grant Southern Cameroons a semi independent status with La Republique du Cameroun in what was suppose to be a Union of two states with equal status both states keeping their cultural identity and cooperating with other issues of Government. Be it as it may, we all know the story that has landed the present Cameroun today.There has been systemic assimilation and annexation of Southern Cameroons. To have a United or one Cameroun does not mean, the culture, economy, way of life of another people should be wiped away, so the proponents of the so called one and indivisible Cameroon should spare me here.
What has prompted me to write this piece is the recent article I read over the Post Newspaper where Bamenda lawyers are protesting the appointment of Francophone judges to Bamenda court rooms and these judges dare to speak French in courts and address summons in French, a foreign language in another state. Spare me the issue of the fact that Cameroon is bilingual.Bilingualism does not mean that, the language spoken by a PEOPLE should be relegated to the background especially when many do not understand what you are trying to say.
At first it was the students of Buea crying over francophone involvement in the University of Buea wherein 26 names were imposed on the medical list, then came CATtU who cried the other day about the admission of francophone at ENS Bambili and the sending of francophone teachers to Southern Cameroons to teach and these teachers at the ends day teach in a funny language other than English and now it is the sending of francophone judges to Southern Cameroons. We know that marginalization is the custom now in the Cameroons and many more. This is not the Union our fore parents bargain For.This is not the Cameroons I want to see.
This will surely stop one day
God is still saying something.

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