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An Intellectual Rubbishing of Prof Ghogomu



Dear Prof Ghogomu,

Who has a different agenda?

I am writing you this letter in response to the communique a fort night ago , where you and other pillars of the regime read out a series of measures as a solution to the current stalemate.

After which you declared anyone still supporting the strike ”had another agenda”.That brings me to the subject of this letter.Sir, let us examine the facts of this cohabitation that began in 1961, then we can determine who between LRC & SC has all along manifest through actions and words another agenda.

Every constitutional modification since 1972 was has consolidated the position of LRC while at the same time dismantling elements of statehood that were vital to the survival of SC.

The Federal Republic was dismembered in 1972,in 1984 the united republic was dismembered and with it every trace of SC as a separate entity that voluntarily entered into this doomed project.

In 1996 following the tripartite what came out as a constitutional guaranteeing decentralization was a window dressing to consolidate a francophone power structure led by an all-powerful executive.

Enter 2014, the threat of Boko Haram gave another excuse for the passage of laws that completely stifled individual liberties and the right to dissent, we that the anti-terrorist act targetted not just terrorist, it was a threat to any form of political activism.

Now I will refer you to a recent publication by the ” Guardian Post” Newspaper titled ”Anglophone Marginalisation…Facts and Figures that speak” The newspaper uses the term anglophone but I prefer to use southern Cameroonians.

1. Only 76 southern Cameroonians of Biyas 700 ministers in 34 years
2. Only 6 southern Cameroonians in the present 63 member cabinet
3. Out of 38 ministers with portfolio, only one southern Cameroonian
4. Less than 15 southern Cameroonians in over 130 gms in state corporations
5. Only 10 southern Cameroonians out of over 130 board chairpersons in state corporations
6. Only 3 southern Cameroons DAGs out of 38 government ministries
7. No southern Cameroonian at the presidency,Minfi,Minat,Mindef,GM of SONARA since independence…etc
8. No operational airport or seaport in southern Cameroons
9. No southern Cameroonian at the Douala stock exchange board
10. Only 4 southern Cameroonian sgs out of 38 ministeries
11. No Referal Hospital In Southern Cameroon
12. Only 6 southern Cameroonian as ambassadors out of over 36
13. No English on the FCFA currency
14. Only six southern Cameroonians out of 58 SDOs
15. Only three Generals of southern Cameroons origin out of 33…
I will add……
16. Completely unfair and disproportionate parliamentary representation for southern Cameroon
17. Disproportionate budgetary allocation for southern Cameroon etc etc
I can go on and the list will definitely not end if we have to check every facet of public life but the facts are there.

When you sat on that panel with Issa Tchiroma and the others as the head of the commission, you were the only one from southern Cameroons, possibly, the commission also in you were in charge was dominated by francophones,a commission charged with looking into the solutions to issues raised by southern Cameroonians in the educational sector.

Now given the facts above sir, I will like you to analyze using any method of scientific research and present to us your findings, you can also interpret the findings and tell us who between LRC and SC came into this doomed project with a hidden agenda. May I draw your attention to a recently published list of a Concours for candidates selected to be trained by the minister of energy, the entire list was made of names from one ethnic group! If that is not a hidden agenda then what is it?

When we speak out, we are called names, mocked even in our own homeland.Francophones say the same things and get away with it.You have the southern Cameroons militarized to intimidate people by an army that speaks french, a language the majority of the people don’t understand. It even treats the people in a brutal way, exactly the way an army of occupation does, if that is not a hidden agenda, then what is it?

What happened to the Wum Area development Authority (WADA),the POWERCAM, Cameroon bank, Marketing Board ,Mobile Wing? etc These were agencies that employed southern Cameroonian and developed that state.The deliberate policy of destroying them is suspicious, if it is not corresponding to a hidden agenda, why where they all defended, siphoned and closed down and who gave the authority?

We have been told that we are like a cube of sugar that was put in a basin of water long ago.The metaphor itself speaks a lot about a hidden agenda.We have given all we can to make the cohabitation work.

Foncha and his colleagues may be forgiven by some of us for lacking political insight based on their level of education and exposure when they collaborated with Ahijo to betray and sacrifice southern Cameroons, you and your colleagues may not be that lucky with the court of history.

So go tell your master that we now are aware of the hidden agenda, the game is out of the bottle and cannot be put back. Also tell him that we do not recognize any politician from southern Cameroons who does not speak like Wirba, Ntumasang and Justice Ayah. Tell him to go to hell with his AFCON cup, we do not need it and are not impressed with it.

Tell him the army that has been sent to Southern Cameroons will not intimidate us.We refused to be your slaves and reject every form of manipulation. Without the release of our leaders, the solutions of your commission are of no good. I do not expect your reply, but I know the message has gone, if however you want to reach me, please do not hesitate one minute.I am open to debate this even with the devil.

Regrettably Yours,
Jamam Kim
Southern Cameroons Intellectual Forum
Lake Nyos Street
B.O.Box 417730
Southern Cameroons

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