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Anglophone Schools in Littoral to Join the Strike.




More than 125 Anglophone teachers working in the Wouri Division of the Littoral region, 23 proprietors (representing lay private schools, 4 representatives of denominational schools, 17 representatives of Parents Teachers Associations met in Douala on Thursday 15 December 2016 in response to an invitation from the WOURI ASSOCIATION OF GENUINE ANGLOPHONE TEACHERS.

Very important statistics came out from the meeting concerning schools that run the anglo saxon system of education in the Wouri

There are 6 Government Secondary High schools existing in the Wouri About 80 Privates Secondary schools
About 312 Primary schools (62 Government and the rest Private by profit driven proprietors)
About 45 Commercial / Technical Secondary schools Private initiative.
Curiously no Government Technical / Secondary school.

We the Anglophone teachers living in the Wouri, with representatives of proprietors and PTA’s are scandalized by the government hypocrisy concerning the memorandum presented by the union of teachers associations of the North/South West.

Over the years the authorities have received well-drafted proposals on measures to take to stop the adulteration of the Anglo-Saxon system of education and in return we have had officials declare no problem exists leading to senseless killings, rape, creation again of a committee to review the problems, a lot of disinformation etc


1- From January 2017 all Anglo-Saxon style schools in the Wouri and the Littoral will join the sit-in strike in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of Anglophone regions.

2. Call on all parents and proprietors to follow the people’s call and respect the sit-in strike

3- Congratulates the Union of teachers associations at the forefront of this challenge to remain resolute and no retreat.

4- Reminds the union leaders that any solutions to salvage the Anglo-Saxon system of education must be extended to schools operating the same system in East Cameroon.

5- Calls on the GCE Board not to associate school officials be they principals who have not been groomed up in the GCE spirit not to have anything with the conduct of our exams. The Office de Bac does not empower Anglophones in their exams.

6- Calls on the Government to avoid hypocrisy and stop the training at ENS Yaounde, Maroua Latin, Spanish and now Chinese teachers when Anglo-Saxon schools lack teachers of basic subject like English, French, etc…

7- Calls on the eventual Education Board to be created to have the right to VISA/Approve and CONTINUOUS FOLLOW UP for the creation of Anglo- Saxon schools as proprietors this way are only interested in profit and recruit any tom and dick as teacher.

8- Reject the call for the recruitment of 1000 bilingual teachers as another ploy to pollute our school system. Where are bilingual teachers trained in this country and what obliges one to teach in the second language?

9- Thousands of University graduates of the GCE system are jobless and can be recycled in two months after a special recruitment in Bamenda and Buea to make up for the lack of science, technical, commercial teachers to salvage our school system.

10- Note that during the recruitment of 25000 teachers, francophone’s were recruited (with no knowledge of the Anglophone sub system education) to accelerate the assimilation in Buea, Kumba, Bamenda.

11- A representative of Anglophone PHD holders without jobs announced that there are more than200 of them in Cameroon who are ready to teach as volunteers in Buea, Bamenda, Kumba to preserve our system of education. He also announced that thousands of Anglophones in top Universities in America, UK, CANADA, already provide video conference classes or come as volunteer teachers and stay each for two months to lecture.

12- Calls on Teachers Trade Unions to stand strong to fight to few francophone adventures who use the radio, television to say what teachers have not said and to put fear/doubt in the minds francophone’s.

13- Congratulates our francophone’s brothers who in their numbers are standing along with Anglophones by publicly affirming that the English Sub system of education should remain intact.

14- No to harmonization of the two systems of education, Canada is talking to Cameroun.

Douala, 15th December 2016.
Thank you.
Signed :
– Representative of teachers
– Representative of parents
– Representative of Proprietors
– Representative of volunteer lecturers with PHD

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