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6 Dead As Kumba Joins Bamenda in Protest Call



Kumba: BaretaNews can confirm that Denizens from Kumba on Friday 9th December join the strike action. Most were saying that Bamenda which harbours their brothers and sisters cannot be under attack while life moves on normally. The protesters shut down the Kumba main and Fiango markets . Circulation of Cars and Taxis in town became limited. The population was picking up the steam as the security officers looked on.

Also within the day, the people of Mbalangi, a village along Buea-Kumba road responded by blocking all movement into Kumba or Buea. Huge trees were used to block the road. This was later cleared by security forces-reports suggest

BaretaNews also recalled that the protest in Kumba remained largely peaceful. Security officers watched as Kumba Denizens protested. Kumba and Fiango market remained closed throughout the day as there was less circulation in town. The messages displayed by people of Kumba centered around Federalism or Independence, a call which has engulfed the entire Southern Cameroons.

However, on Friday, 9th December during the evening hours , BaretaNews was getting information that things took a different turn in Kumba after a largely peaceful protest because some strange security men arrived Kumba and started being violent. We are told the commissioner in Kumba was able to engaged into dialogue with the population since the protest started but things changes as these new security forces came into town. Confirmed reports say 6 are dead already in Kumba with others wounded.

The town remained tense with tear gas and gun shuts in the air in Fiango and Buea-road areas.

Meanwhile, the military in Bamenda has been moving into people’s houses demanding their phones. They are deleting any pictures and videos of the strike action. We are told at mile 6 Nkwen some had their phones broken and beaten for having pictures and videos. In order to stay safe, BaretaNews advised people of Bamenda having any pictures on their phones to send to a friend out of Bamenda.They should hence delete all photos and videos in their gallery, clearing their WhatsApp chats. These photos would be easy to get back once things become calm.

Bamenda and Mutengene remained tense

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